November , 1999

You Asked Us

In order to respond to Membersí interests in issues pertaining to the professions and APEGGA, and to increase contact with Members, starting with the September issue, The PEGG introduced a new regular feature inviting Members to submit questions. Questions should be clear, well-focused and of general interest to Members. Please include your name with the query. Normally, we will publish the questioner's name. However, The PEGG will withhold names upon request but we ask that you forward your name and a means of reaching you if clarification is needed. Please forward your question to: The Editor, The PEGG, via mail (15th Floor, Scotia One, 10060 Jasper Ave. NW, Edmonton AB T5J 4A2); fax (780-425-1722) or e-mail (

Why did APEGGA set up The APEGGA Education Foundation?

The creation of The APEGGA Education Foundation was intended to help ensure that APEGGA maintains and strengthens its support for education by encouraging Members to donate and/or endow funds for educational purposes. The Foundation is thus a vehicle for Members and others to donate funds to be used to further the professional development of Members, their children and those who may enter the professions. Government funding cuts have forced educational institutes to cut costs and to search for more and larger sources of funds. To increase revenue, these institutions are going to industry for support and to the students for higher fees. The money raised by the Foundation can be used to augment existing scholarships, to create new scholarships, grants and bursaries and fund other educational initiatives. It has been suggested that if each of our Members contributed just $10 to the Foundation with their annual dues, it would add some "$300,000 annually to the Foundation account".

With the publication of the insert enclosed in this issue of The PEGG, the Foundation hopes to increase the awareness of the Foundation and that this will lead to an increase in Member donations to the Foundation.

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