January 20021

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An A&B Sound Decision

A new group purchase plan could be music to your ears. APEGGA members, staff, their spouses and their children are now eligible for discounts at all A&B Sound stores in Alberta. Savings apply to electronics, software, music releases and more. For CDs, DVDs, videos and books, the plan provides discounts of 20 per cent on white-tag items and 10 per cent on red-tag items. Yellow-tag items are new releases already discounted to the maximum, so the plan doesn’t apply to them.

Prices won’t be quoted over the phone, but A&B will match any pricing on items they inventory against any advertised or negotiated price anywhere else in the market. If the item isn’t available, it will be replaced with a comparable or better product at a corporate price.
A&B will send preferred customer cards to APEGGA, which will be distributed in January. To receive the card, fill out the online submit form (click here for form) or call the Edmonton office at (780) 426-3990 or 1-800-661-7020 toll free for a fax-in or mail-in form. Until your card arrives, identify yourself as an APEGGA member at A&B and the discount will apply. Mention your affiliation immediately when dealing with a sales representative. Two optional features are also offered. The A&B Sound card allows extended payment purchases. The Platinum Protection Plan gives you a 15 per cent discount on extended maintenance on all electronics. For more details, ask at the store.

For more information on the overall plan, contact sales associate Chad Fletcher or general manager Ted Dakin at the Calgary Trail location in Edmonton, (780) 433-6400.

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