January 2002

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Real Money for
Virtual Classrooms

PEGGasus Learning Initiative Receives $200,000 From Feds

The online learning marketplace called PEGGasus has received up to $200,000 in
flying power from the federal government. Edmonton West MP Anne McLellan, minister
of justice and the attorney general of Canada, made the presentation recently on behalf
of Jane Stewart, minister of human resources.

APEGGA and the University of Alberta Faculty of Extensionwill collaborate with several
industry partners and the University of Calgary to establish a virtual learning
marketplace for professional engineers, geologists and geophysicists. PEGGasus – The
Engineering and Geoscience Online Learning Marketplace will be “a useful tool in disseminating information on innovative learning technologies for employees,” the federal government says in a news release. “This prototype will also be transferable to other sectors,
trades and professions.”

“The government of Canada is proud to encourage greater employer commitment to supporting learning activities for employees,” said Ms McLellan. “This project will improve access to technology-enabled learning opportunities for engineers, geologists and geophysicists.”

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