Consultation, Communications Remain
Prominent in ’05


APEGGA President

Consultation and communications have been the two bywords of my tenure to date. While I think it is fair to say that Council and staff have always been aware of the need to communicate effectively with members, I think it is also fair to say that of late we have become keenly aware of how critical it is to consult in a meaningful way as we endeavour to increase the effectiveness of our two-way communications.

Beginning in January I will be travelling the province to update you on issues and to receive your feedback firsthand during branch visits. In the meantime, I want to update you on where we’ve been and where I hope that we will go.

Quo vadis Inclusivity?

I am reminded of American pop music star Prince who, for a time, was identified as “the artist formerly known as Prince.” Not unlike Prince, there have been times during the last nine months when I have felt that we should be referring to “the concept formerly known as Inclusivity.”

Why? Because based on extensive member feedback, the concept originally called Inclusivity has undergone a number of important and significant changes and, I feel, deserves to be called something else. For now, though, we’ll continue to use “Inclusivity” because that is the label most familiar to members.

Inclusivity is not the same initiative that we discussed and debated earlier in 2004. We’ve had a couple of groups working on the initiative for several months now. Those groups have now merged, forming an Inclusivity Consultation Committee, and are working on a consultation draft of a white paper that will address the underlying issues and possible solutions.

A key early result is that the group of individuals we referred to as “related professions” have been removed from consideration. The focus is now on international graduates and emerging/evolving disciplines.

The committee will continue to work closely with the Board of Examiners as it focuses on the process and content of further consultation with members. The committee has engaged a professional research firm to assist with consulting members at arm’s length to ensure the opportunity for members to provide unbiased feedback on any new concepts of membership, prior to any proposal or proposals being presented to members for a decision by ballot.

We will not rush this; we will take the time we need to get it right.

Strategic Plan Consultation

We are also moving ahead on the creation of a new strategic plan. As a result of our May Strategy Retreat, a Strategic Planning Task Force was formed, led by President-Elect Larry Staples, P.Eng., with a mandate to document the current state of our strategic plan, incorporate input from Council and then engage the membership in dialogue on the content of the plan.

The task force has already consulted with several focus groups, and early in 2005 a consultation draft of the strategic plan will be presented to members for review and input. Please watch The PEGG and the website,, for more details on that process.

One important result of the process so far has been the recognition that effective communication and consultation form a key success factor and deserve prominence in the plan.

Brand Strategy Consultation

Work on a new brand strategy for APEGGA began in response to member concerns about communications, which were revealed in a 2002 survey. Subsequently, the Communications Planning Committee and staff worked with a consultant to undertake a communications audit. Council accepted most of the audit recommendations and asked staff to implement them.

Many changes have already occurred as a result, including changes to The PEGG in terms of content and appearance, introduction of a twice-monthly e-PEGG, and ongoing enhancements to the website such as the initiation of an on-line Member Forum.

Any brand strategy is about more than the appearance of the organization. It is a means of signaling a change within the organization — and in our case, the changes have been underway for a while. Key elements include focusing on the profile of members rather than the Association, and increasing member engagement. At its core, APEGGA’s branding initiative is about the way we interact with and “brand” our members.

On the back page of this issue you will find a questionnaire seeking your input on some important visual components of our new brand strategy — proposed logos and tag lines. You may also provide your input online by visiting the website,

I am excited about these opportunities to enhance our understanding of members’ perspectives and to engage in meaningful dialogue. It is an important opportunity for members to achieve and sustain an informed understanding of the issues facing our professions and to be involved in helping Council and staff find solutions. I am also convinced that APEGGA will be a better and stronger association as a result.

Finally, I want to wish all of you the very best of the holiday season, and a joyful and prosperous new year.

Thank you for your support and advice over the past year. As always, I invite you to share your ideas and questions with me at

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