The Greater Power Of Outreach

Senior Outreach Coordinator

Outreach + other science forces = Outreach Nth Degree

The APEGGA Outreach program is applying the above formula to expand and enhance its work to promote the professions, science, math and technology. Here are some forces adding to the greater power of Outreach.

ATA Science Council

Outreach was at the November Alberta Teachers' Association Science Council Conference. APEGGA is a sponsor of and an exhibitor at the conference, which annually draws 500 to 800 science teachers from around the province.

The ATA Science Council executive has provided long-term, valuable support to Outreach and other APEGGA science events.

Science teachers are among the strongest allies of the APEGGA Outreach program. Every year engineers, geologists and geophysicists in the Outreach program make hundreds of visits to science classrooms from Grades 1 to 12 to talk about their careers and how they use the science students learn.

They meet thousands of students, teachers, parents and school administrators. Teachers appreciate the visits and they often comment that their understanding of science is enhanced through APEGGA member visits.

Teachers also help promote and encourage student participation in events such as science fairs, Science Olympics and school science challenges, which APEGGA sponsors or helps sponsor.

Through our Teacher Awards program, APEGGA annually recognizes science and math teachers. And the APEGGA Education Foundation offers university scholarships to teachers and members who seek a second degree in either science or education.

Other Science Forces

There is a growing list of other science forces that Outreach is honoured to work with and support in the promotion of science, math and technology. Groups such as the Science Alberta Foundation, Alberta Science Outreach Networks, the Alberta Science Fair Foundation, the University of Alberta Discover E science camps, the University of Calgary Minds in Motion summer camps, WISEST, Women in Science and Engineering, Alberta Women's Science Network, Alberta Learning, Odyssium, Alberta Science Literacy Association, and IONCMASTE are only a few.

The Times Factor

While at the ATA Science Council Conference, APEGGA, a founding member of SciQ, presented awards to students who won the SciQ science essay and video contests during Alberta Innovation and Science’s, Science & Technology Week, which APEGGA Outreach participates in and supports.

SciQ recently filmed the Rock 'N' Fossil Road Show, which involved another great collaboration involving Outreach, Odyssium, Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre, Calgary Science Network and the Crowfoot Library. The show will air during National Engineering & Geoscience Week 2005.

SciQ is a science learning resource website that includes live events and interactive TV/Web broadcasts (

It's Simple Math

By continuing to work with other science groups, Outreach enhances its power to

• Increase the visibility of the professions with the public

• Promote public recognition and appreciation of the contributions of the professions

• Promote interest in science, math and technology in Grades 1 to 12 as a step leading to careers in the three professions.

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