February 2002

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Edmonton Hosts Western Canada Geology Student Conference

University of Alberta

Geology students from across Western Canada converged on Edmonton in January for their annual student conference. Students from nine universities attended, competed and socialized during the event, Jan. 10-13 at the Fantasyland Hotel.

About 350 students attended, and between them they listened to and presented 24 seminars, and created 18 posters for competition. Industry representatives were invited to speak at the conference as well as attend a career fair. Awards were given out to the best graduate speaker, and the best undergraduate speaker at the end of the weekend during an awards ceremony and banquet also held at the fantasyland hotel.

From the University of Alberta alone more than 100 geology students attended, including Cynthia Hagstrom, who helped organize U of A's contribution to the event.

Engineering Students Present Career Fair
For the last two years the Engineering Students Society at the U of A has presented a career fair in January. This event features hundreds of students and more than 20 industry employers. This is a great opportunity for students (especially those in the co-op program, or those graduating in the spring) to give their resumes to key companies in their discipline.

Also present at this event are a number of employers who are very closely tied to the ESS The ESS sponsors are always invited, as is the Discover E Science Camp, a science and engineering summer camp that is run by the Faculty of Engineering here at the U of A.

The career fair is always an exciting for the ESS executive too. At the career fair the ESS executive have a great opportunity to talk to some of the engineering students that they do not see at the social events or around the office, and to get feedback about the services they provide.

This is an enjoyable and useful experience for all involved: students, the ESS and industry.

Engineering Week
A well-known U of A tradition is Engineering Week. First started in the 1930s, it is the longest running spirit event on campus. Engineering Week is filled with fun (and sometimes absurd) activities, friendly competition between the disciplines, and even fundraising for charities, this is a great event.

This year's Engineering Week, the 65th annual, had a great showing, including many competitors from the First Year Club.

The support that we, the students, receive from the Dean's Office and other members of the faculty is tremendous, and helps us keep this tradition alive. Also of note is the fact that, although many events change every few years, at the end of the week the Engineer's Ball is held. This is a banquet, dance, and awards ceremony that after 65 years is officially the longest running social event at the U of A.

Engineering pride is still alive at the University of Alberta!

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