March, 2000

APEGGA President Responds
To Article in ASET Publication

Printed below is the text of a letter sent on Feb.14 by APEGGA President Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., to the Editor of "Technology Alberta".


Dear Sir:

I have read with interest the article in the January/February 2000 issue of Technology Alberta entitled "Professional Legislation for Alberta’s Techs," and decided that I should share a few thoughts with you and your members.

First of all, let me assure ASET that neither APEGGA nor I wish to restrict in any way technologists from entering into the practice of technology. As was quite correctly pointed out in the article, engineers and technologists work closely together on a daily basis as part of the "engineering team" and technologists represent a valued part of that team.

I firmly believe that the recent passage of Bill 18 that makes provision within the EGGP Act for the registration of Registered Professional Technologists demonstrates clearly APEGGA’s willingness to recognize the special skills that certain technologists possess. This amendment permits the licensure of technologists who possess superior levels of academic training and experience, within a clearly defined area, to actually practice engineering independently and accept legal responsibility for work within their defined scope. I am sure you will agree that this is landmark legislation in Canada and will benefit an as yet unknown number of suitably qualified technologists.

I also want to express our appreciation to your staff, and ours, for the excellent cooperation that was evident in designing a registration system that will ensure fair and reasonable assessment of applications from technologists. By this spring, we expect to see the first licensee as a Registered Professional Technologist (Engineering) thus signaling the start of a new era of cooperation between our two associations.

My disappointment is that, before the first R.P.T.( Eng.) is registered, ASET has indicated through your article a cynical view of the good efforts undertaken by many people from both our associations as well as by the Government of Alberta. Such statements do nothing to promote the positive intentions of the legislative amendment or the value of this new form of licensure being offered.

APEGGA appreciates your quest for independent registration of technologists and has stated in the past our support for legislation that does not in any way provide for a scope of engineering practice. The EGGP Act has entrusted APEGGA with the responsibility to protect the safety and interests of the public by ensuring that only fully qualified and licensed individuals are permitted to engage in the practice of engineering. This is accomplished through registration and discipline of members, enforcement of our strong code of ethics, accreditation and qualification of academic programs, enforcing standards of practice, and a mandatory continuing professional development program.

The recent legislative provision for licensure of R.P.T.s provides a mechanism whereby those individuals who have proven they are fully qualified within a certain scope of practice may be recognized for the work they are doing. In addition, technologists who wish to accept greater responsibility may gain full engineering status by either challenging appropriate examinations or engaging a program of studies leading toward an accredited degree. Many technologists have availed themselves of these opportunities in the past and are enjoying rewarding engineering careers.

In closing, may I say that I have the pleasure of working closely with numerous technologists in my daily life and have the utmost respect for their abilities. I have observed engineers and technologists working together, harmoniously, as part of the engineering team and this has led, in large part, to the high level of respect in which Alberta companies are held. I am hopeful that, with these new initiatives fully in place, we can move forward positively together in fulfilling our obligation to the society and economy of Alberta.



Darrel J. Danyluk, P.Eng.

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