March, 2000

Putting a Face on the Professions

By Kimberly Nishikaze

APEGGA has a number of programs to promote the professions before the public and to place a human face on often-complex professions. APEGGA utilizes many communication initiatives, each targeted to get its messages across to specific audiences.

An example is APEGGA’s partnering this month with Alberta Venture Magazine as a sponsor of Venture's new "We Mean Business" television pilot. The program (airing March 12 at 5:30 p.m. on ITV in Edmonton and Calgary 7 -- CICT) highlights Alberta's fastest growing companies, among them ones employing APEGGA members.

The initiative is in step with a new APEGGA advertising campaign launched last fall to raise awareness of geology, geophysics and engineering. With its bold approach, the "We are everywhere" campaign was developed to inform and bring an appreciation of the professional designation before employers, users of engineering and geoscience services, and the general public. The ads heightened awareness of the value of these professions and their positive impact on society.

Communicating the value of the professions to government occurs via one-on-one meetings with Alberta government elected officials, MLAs and senior appointed officials. Local government representatives encounter APEGGA at the annual conferences of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties, where APEGGA hosts information sessions and display booths.

Through news releases, APEGGA keeps the media informed of developments such as Council elections, Summit Awards®, Teacher Awards, President’s visits, technical meetings, scholarships announcements and other issues.

The advertising campaigns raise public understanding and appreciation of the professions’ value. Many activities, such as the Teacher Awards, Summit Awards®, and Outreach Program, specifically communicate to parents, teachers and students. National Engineering Week and other events provide direct contact with these key audiences through hands-on science activities and interaction with APEGGA professionals. APEGGA also has a student (Grades 1-12) website with information on careers, "cool" links, and suggested hands-on activities.

Promoting the professions provides an opportunity to begin a dialogue to which you can contribute. Remember, you can promote your profession by volunteering for APEGGA or by initiating your own awareness activity every time you strike up a conversation with someone new.



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