April 2001

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APEGGA's Journey Continues
Through My Year As Your President



I have probably spoken this year with more members of our professions than I will in any other 12-month period in my life. I have met them at all the predictable places -- petrochemical plants, oil company offices and in consulting firms. But I was also reminded of many other settings, be they banks, schools and hospitals, or even the entertainment industry, where APEGGA members are employed.

We still face the paradox of our professions. Our presence is pervasive, but the impact of our contributions remains generally unknown to members of the public.

Profile Raised

APEGGA continues to look for ways to raise the profile of our professions and to communicate an understanding of the value we provide to a wide range of stakeholders. The Association has, for example, taken deliberate steps to support the needs of Alberta's business community. They include working closer with community groups and trade organizations, such as chambers of commerce.

Also of significance to business are the Association's efforts to improve mobility, working with other provincial associations, the national engineering and geoscience bodies, as well as with American regulatory authorities in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Government Connections

We continue to promote trusting, working relationships with government at various levels. This effort is continuous and dynamic, as governments shift their priorities and structures.
As a result of realignments within the provincial government, our act now falls under the purview of Alberta Human Resources and Employment. Such changes often require developing a relationship with a new minister and ensuring departmental officials appreciate how a self-governing association like ours serves and protects the public. The department's understanding of APEGGA led to the minister's invitation to me to chair his Committee on Parental Leave, in January of this year.

Enforcement and Compliance

One of our roles is ensuring that engineering, geological and geophysical activities in Alberta are carried out by competent professionals, licensed by APEGGA.. This past year, the Association has used new approaches to convey to geoscientists, engineers and the general public the importance of relying on qualified persons.
Specifically, APEGGA launched an advertising campaign to raise awareness about hiring properly licensed professionals.

PD Gains Acceptance

The vast majority of our members now view APEGGA's Continuing Professional Development Program not as a burden but as a means of reassuring those we serve that our professional and technical knowledge remains current. I am particularly pleased about APEGGA's planned involvement in PEGGasus, to develop an engineering and earth sciences online learning marketplace.

A National Presence

Other associations are watching developments regarding PEGGasus. It provides yet another example of how APEGGA continues to take a leadership role not only within Alberta but also nationally. Members from our ranks play a prominent role in the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers and the Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists.

In Conclusion
It has been an honour serving as president of this vibrant and busy association. The task has been made easier by the support from Council and APEGGA staff. I particularly want to acknowledge our exceptional Executive Director Neil Windsor, P.Eng.

I appreciated the encouragement I received from APEGGA's volunteers and its general membership. I urge you to do the same for my successor, Dale Miller, P.Eng., and I know that he will thoroughly enjoy the upcoming presidential duties.

My employer, Klohn Crippen Consultants Ltd., has been very supportive in contributing the costs of my time to the professions. My colleagues and clients have also given welcome support and understanding throughout the past year.

On a personal note, I'd like to especially thank Tisha, Rhiannon, Bryan and my close friends. Their confidence in me is, and always will be, very special. Thank you.

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