Terri-Jane Yuzda

A Busy Year of Building Your Association

APEGGA President

How time has passed. It is hard to believe that I am sitting here writing my final President's Notebook as your president. How could the weeks and months have passed so quickly?

Last April, I indicated in my inaugural remarks that the Association was strong and that there was no "one big issue" that would dominate my term. I am pleased to report that as I pass the leadership role to Ron Tenove, P.Eng., I believe that, if anything, that the Association is even stronger and there still remains no dominant issue threatening it.

In spite of this, it was an extremely busy year. APEGGA continued its efforts of the last several years to raise the profiles of our professions and to communicate the value we provide to a wide range of society. As I attended meetings, social events, branch visits and numerous other functions as your president, I continually met with members of our professions and others.

Our Impact
What was soon evident is that our professions impact society like no other. I always knew that we were the technology leaders. But I soon realized that we are also heads of major companies, directors on boards and business leaders; that we serve as advisers to government and industry; that we are innovators of change, leaders in our communities, volunteers for major organizations and service groups - the list that can go on and on. Our contributions are indeed great.

Our contributions are significant in many areas that are not thought of as traditional roles. I talked to members who led research in areas such as odour suppression, members who have written children's books simplifying the laws of physics, and still others who have developed new technology in alternative fuels. It is an endless list of accomplishments.

And yes, we are indeed respected by society. What we do is often unknown or taken for granted, but our professions are highly regarded. We can hold our head high.

APEGGA's Record
I have gained a greater appreciation for APEGGA: an Association that has provided Alberta eighty-two years of exceptional service as a self-governing body of professionals. APEGGA's guiding principal has been to protect the public and it still remains its central focus. All we need to do is look around us and think about all the things impacted by our professions and used by society everyday, over and over, without any concerns, to realize how well we have succeeded. We live in a safe and clean environment and enjoy a high standard of living, largely because of our professions.

In closing, I must thank you, the membership, for giving me the opportunity to represent you for the past year. I am very grateful of your support.

I must also thank Council for their hard work and dedication to the professions, and for making my role much easier; the staff for tireless efforts in implementing the many programs and policies of the association; my employer, UMA Engineering Ltd., for supporting me and the Association these past years; and finally my wife Rose and our family, who also made many personnel sacrifices to support my role as President. Perhaps now she can take my picture done from the refrigerator.

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