New Developments Highlight Activities of Dynamic Calgary Branch

Calgary Branch Chair

In the seven years that I have been actively volunteering with the Calgary Branch, I have not seen as much action within our membership as I have in the past few years. While many aspects of the branch have remained consistent and stable, there have been quite a few interesting new developments.

When I joined the branch we had about the same number of active volunteers. However, there were far fewer branch-organized events, such as our increasingly popular luncheons.

Now, we have increased the number of member-oriented activities. We have continued to hold luncheons outside the downtown core, trying for two in the north part of the city and two in the south annually. This was a direct response to membership demand, and we hope to continue this expansion in the upcoming years.

We hold a number of professional development evenings, typically five over a season. We continue to support occasional special evening events or forums, as needed, and recently hosted a very successful golf tournament.

Balancing Act

We’ve had to address volunteer workload issues as many of our volunteers also serve on other committees, participate in the Outreach, and are busy with the full-time functions of their lives. We have attempted to balance volunteer workloads by reorganizing and successfully recruiting new volunteers.

We currently have a healthy roster of members, who look forward to starting work on next season’s luncheons and professional development sessions.

This year’s branch events have included luncheons with EUB Chairman Neil McCrank, P.Eng., the election of a new executive, a president’s visit where the new concepts of inclusivity were rolled out and explained, and our first meeting with the ASET Calgary Chapter Executive.

The current branch has made a number of strides in forging and strengthening relationships with fellow associations such as CSPG and ASET, especially in the last year. This constant effort to grow our relationships, experiment with different styles of luncheon topics, hold different functions, and evaluate how we do our business has made for an interesting year.

Upcoming Events

As the branch starts winding down for a well-earned summer break, we will have just a few more planned sessions and events to complete. April will see a luncheon focusing on one vision of the outlook for Canadian oil and gas producers, and May will see two presentations on coal, coal bed methane and coal-fired generators.

Finally, in June we will get together with the staff and our volunteer ticket agents for a much-deserved thank you lunch. We will also be deciding on how to set the tone for next season, which is proposed to kick off in September with a discussion on oil and gas reserves reporting.

There is still a lot of opportunity for the Calgary branch to grow. I envision developing improved, more comprehensive media relations, and along with that, an increased public profile that will allow us to highlight important developments and activities in our professions. This could possibly make the branch a more political entity, which solicits ideas and feedback, strengthening the level of understanding and communication between our Calgary members, APEGGA’s leadership and Council.

Ultimately, it could be the branch representatives who bring local issues and ideas into APEGGA for debate and consideration. I invite my fellow branch members for feedback on how we could work together to this end.

And, as a final note, I’d like to extend a big thank you to all of our branch volunteers, staff and executive for another well done effort. It’s been a great year, and I look forward to working with all of you again next season.

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