What is Not Measured is Not Improved

Dawn Ringrose

Dawn Ringrose, a presenter at APEGGA’s annual conference this month, comes well qualified with a bachelor of science degree, an MBA and certification as an excellence trainer with the National Quality Institute. In 2003, she was made a Fellow of the Canada Association of Management Consultants.

Should you take in her presentation? The following question-and-answer section will help you decide.

What experience has Ms. Ringrose had to qualify her to present on this subject?

She has worked as a registered ISO 9000 specialist with the Canadian Association of Management Consultants. She has also been an assessor of quality systems, the IQA International Registrar of Certificated Auditors, and a certified seminar leader with the Alberta Training for Excellence Corporation.

In addition, Ms. Ringrose has been a certified management consultant with the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Alberta. She has established expertise in quality management systems, strategic planning and marketing, during her work in tourism, agriculture, health care, aboriginal issues, governments and professional associations.

What skills will you get from this presentation that you can take away and use in the workplace?

First, you will be better equipped to assess how well your organization fits the National Quality Institute’s Business Excellence Framework. The framework proposes the following characteristics for high performing organizations:

• Principles
• Practices
• Measures

This session will also help you understand the cost of quality in the workplace with consideration of:

• Errors
• Re-working
• Duplication
• Customer dissatisfaction

Ms. Ringrose’s session will assist you with applying the elements of the excellence framework in improving your organization. You will learn how to use these elements to sustain improvements made to the workplace.

What does the Framework for Business Excellence look like?

The framework offers six principles for excellence in overall business performance: leadership, planning, customer focus, people focus, process management and supplier/partner focus. The institute’s vision is, “To inspire organizational excellence.”

Says Nancy Toth, MA, APEGGA’s Professional Development manager, “If continuous improvement is one of your goals, do not miss this session.”

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