Mentoring Registration Begins

If you’ve visited the APEGGA mentoring homepage, you will know that registration for the mentoring program began March 31.

Are you interested in being a mentor or protégé? If so, go to the homepage for instructions.

Registration takes only 30 to 45 minutes.

Matching will start on Friday, April 30.

Remember, the fee for protégés is only $50 for a year ($25 for subsequent years) and there is no cost to mentors. Given the strong response to an APEGGA survey last year, there could be about 2,500 members signing up to be mentors.

Another 1,200 members indicated an interest in being protégés. These numbers will create a varied pool with great potential for matching pairs.

APEGGA has purchased software to look after the actual matching. The software will create matches based on demographics, skills and compatibility factors. As a protégé, you will be matched with several potential mentors and can select the one you believe to be most suitable.

If you are undecided, you may find it helpful to click on the mentoring handbook from the mentoring homepage. Read more about the benefits of mentoring.

If you haven’t registered yet, we welcome your participation. Watch the website and The PEGG for updates on this valuable opportunity.




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