Third World Volunteer Projects
Help Develop Young Engineers

Jennifer Lee, E.I.T., is a textbook case on the benefits of participating as a volunteer in Third World engineering projects.

Ms. Lee, 22, is one of the founding members of Partners for Sustainable Development, the Edmonton-based non-profit group undertaking a seismic retrofit of a Nepalese school.

“I’ve learned organizational skills and communication skills, and gained some experience in report writing and fundraising,” she says. “I’ve also learned a lot about different foundations in Alberta that are interested in international development.”

The fourth-year student in environmental engineering at the University of Alberta is also studying the school’s gravity-fed water system to look for economical ways of increasing capacity. “It’s an eye-opening experience to realize how much need there is out there,” she says. “The project has really made me excited about working in the Third World.”

This type of experience is extremely valuable, especially for young engineers, says structural engineer Antoni Kowalczewski, P.Eng., of Janto Engineering Inc. in Edmonton, who is also a project volunteer.

“A good engineer is an engineer with a lot of experience,” he says. “In Alberta seismic calculations are not done on a daily basis.”

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