Engineering and Geosciences Week Celebrated With Flipped Pancakes, Thrown Pies


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For the second year running, student-run National Engineering and Geoscience Week celebratory activities have made their way to the University of Alberta. Part of a cross-Canada event, these activities – held this year from Feb. 27 to March 7 – aim to both raise awareness of the role that engineering and geosciences play in society and to celebrate their excellence.

Pancake Breakfast
To kick things off, the Engineering Students’ Society, in partnership with the Faculty of Engineering, held a pancake breakfast on the morning of March 1 in the ETLC/ECERF atrium. Volunteers showed up at 6 a.m., ready to mix and flip for what would be a long morning of pancake preparation.

Two Rubbermaid Roughneck containers of pancake mix, more than 600 pancakes and six hours later, countless students had enjoyed a pancake and orange juice breakfast, provided free of charge.

Are You Ready?
Pi-Throw coordinator Dale DeBock and Engineering Dean Dr. David Lynch, P.Eng., pose with a pie – just before Dr. Lynch was pied for the cause.

International Pi Throw
Back for its second annual appearance, the International Pi Throw was a huge success. This year’s event brought in over $1,900 in support of Habitat for Humanity Edmonton, surpassing last year’s total by almost $800. Dale DeBock, ESS Pi-Throw coordinator, was both astounded and enthusiastic at the amount of support there was for the event. He explained that there were a lot of people that really got into the spirit of things this year and it really helped to raise money for the cause.

If this is all new to you, here’s how it works. You purchase a pie for $10, then send it to anyone that you chose. That person has a few options.

First off, they can take it in the face. Second, they can buy that pie to take home – if they want to spend for pie-cubed dollars. Third, they can redirect the pie to any person of their choosing for $10.

And, of course, since this was a charity event, each target has the option of not participating at all.

Mr. DeBock recalls visiting a local company where one employee started a pie run by sending the pie along to a co-worker. By the end of the day, that first pie and a few more had circled the workplace – and had then redirected their way back to the original sender of the pie.

By this point, many of the employees, including the CEO, knew what was going on – and everyone stopped work for a few minutes to see this co-worker get pied for the cause.

On the university side of things, many students and professors took a pie in the face for charity. One pie worked its way to over $100 by the time someone took it in the face. Even Engineering Dean Dr. David Lynch, P. Eng, was pied for charity this year.

Spring Formal Closes Week
The event that capped off the festivities was the first annual Spring Formal, held March 5 at Lister Hall. The evening, featuring dinner, a live jazz band and keynote speakers, was attended by students, alumni, faculty members and industry representatives.

It was an intimate evening, providing the students a chance to speak with the entire spectrum of engineering and gain insight for the future.

Speakers for the evening were U of A Engineering Dean Dr. David Lynch, P. Eng., and Art Meyer, P.Eng, vice-president of technology for Enbridge Pipelines. Following the theme of Visions of Things to Come, the evening gave vision and excitement for the future of students in engineering.


For more info on the International Pie Throw
Visit www.ess.ualberta.ca/events/pithrow/



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