Geoscience Week Has U of C Students
Sparking Science Interest in Youths

University of Calgary
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National Engineering & Geoscience Week, Feb. 27 to March 7, helped raise the awareness of geology and geophysics, and also provided a great opportunity for geoscience students to get involved.

GeoScience students celebrated the week by holding a lunchtime barbecue on March 5. Despite the cold weather, the turnout was great! A special thank you goes out to Mark Danyluk, president the Geophysics Undergraduate Student Society, for organizing this event.

Students from our department helped out at APEGGA events by going to elementary schools on March 3 and 4, to educate kids about what geoscience is really about. The two schools visited were Silver Springs Elementary and Mount View Elementary.

There were demonstrations at the schools on how earthquakes happen, as well as a display on groundwater flow. The elementary students and parents alike responded well to these demonstrations, and seemed to be quite interested, so we may have a lot of mini-geo people on our hands here!

The week came to an end with Geology and Geophysics in the Mall, March 6 at Market Mall. The Department of Geology and Geophysics set up about a half-dozen tables with displays and activities designed to educate the public, in a fun and informative way, about what exactly geoscientists do.

Particular themes of tables this year and in past years have included representation in specialties such as structure and tectonics, paleontology, minerals, hydrogeology, meteorites, geophysics and petroleum. The goal of this day is to spark young minds for geoscience’s future, so the target audience therefore is generally school-aged children.

An excellent showing from the public and members from the department made the mall event a success. It seemed as though everyone had a great time.

Geology and geophysics undergraduate groups enter sports teams in the university intramural league every year. Here is a look at what’s been going on this year so far.

In the fall semester we had an outdoor soccer team, called Rock Stars, in a co-ed league. There were lots of new people who turned up and it ended off being a great season.

There was also an ultimate Frisbee team, Magma, which was also in a co-ed league. This was the first year that the student societies put in an ultimate team. Everyone had lots of fun trying a new sport, and we managed to pull off some wins! Way to go Magma!

Volleyball was another popular one. The Rock Smashers, once again a co-ed team in a co-ed league, started slowly but ended up with a good finish to the season.

The men’s ice hockey team, Rock Stars, is the longest-running intramural team we have. The Stars ended off the fall season well. They are having a great winter season as well.

There was such a demand for hockey sports that a second ice hockey team, called simply Geology Team, was created. The new team had a ferocious start to the season, but has recently suffered its first defeats.

All of the teams that played in the fall semester are back in action for the winter semester, except for the Frisbee team.

A special thank you to Caleb from geology’s Rundle Group for providing us with updates of our teams.

Pieing Update
Geoscience students raised just under $400 to go towards the chosen charities, in the pieing event reported on last month.

Engineering students raised about $3,000. Since our department is about 1/10th the size of theirs, this wasn’t bad at all.

A special thanks to Jana Hanova from our department for taking the time and effort to head up this project, and to the many other students who volunteered their time.

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