May, 2000


Relevance of APEGGA Member-Survey 2010

APEGGA individual members and Permit holders focus their daily energies on employability and business opportunities in a rapidly changing global marketplace. The 1998 Member Survey showed a high level of member confidence in APEGGA to effectively carry out the regulatory legislated mandate. There was also substantial interest in APEGGA adding value to membership in as-yet-undefined areas.

Council task forces on Emerging Disciplines and Geosciences suggest more action in "differentiating" the value of APEGGA Professional Registration and Permit to Practice. The Relevance Task Force is charged with visioning how the profession will look in 2010 and how APEGGA can facilitate required growth to meet member needs. Initial discussion with stakeholders identified several areas whereby APEGGA can assist in enhancing the "differentiation factor" or value of the P.Eng., P.Geol. or P.Geoph. title and the use thereof.

The Task Force would appreciate your comments on the following questions. Please respond by sending an e-mail to Stewart McIntosh, P.Eng. at or fax (780) 426-1877. You can also click onto "Member Survey" on the APEGGA home page ( and respond to the questionnaire online.

  1. Does your employer have different role or responsibility expectations of registered versus non-registered (but qualified) engineering, geology or geophysics graduates in your workplace? Is the use of title (of engineer, geologist or geophysicist) restricted to APEGGA members only at your place of employment?

  2. Do you see APEGGA accreditation and professional development programs as differentiating value for APEGGA members? Do you access the APEGGA guideline documents to guide your professional development?

  3. Are APEGGA discipline and registration enforcement actions effective in obtaining public recognition of APEGGA responsibility to protect the public? Do these actions differentiate the value of APEGGA members and Permit holders?

  4. What are the primary challenges that will impact your career and business success over the next 10 years? Does or should APEGGA have an impact on these challenges?

  5. What are the priority activities for APEGGA to address to increase the value you wish to receive from APEGGA over the next 10 years?


Age Category: (under 30, 30-50, over 50)

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