May 2001

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APEGGA Announces New Council

Click here for photos of the 2001-2002 APEGGA President and Council or see Page 13 of this month's PEGG.

Five new councillors elected by members were announced at the 81st APEGGA Annual General Conference, in Calgary April 25-27. They join new President Dale Miller, P.Eng., Past President Sue Evison, P.Eng., seven mid-term councillors, a first vice-president, a second-vice president and two public members in guiding APEGGA through another year.
Mr. Miller, 49, brings private- and public-sector experience to his new job. He has now officially taken over the helm from Ms Evison, APEGGA's 81st president and first woman president.

"Probably the number one issue for me is improving the visibility of the roles our professions play in society," Mr. Miller told The PEGG. "Another one would have to be improving the mobility of our professions."

Mr. Miller said he believes his association has plenty to offer members and the public. But increased visibility will give the public a better idea of what APEGGA professionals are doing and make the association even more relevant.

Many of the more controversial and pressing issues have been handled in recent years, allowing the new president to focus on rebuilding and moving forward. "I feel very fortunate that many good presidents before me have already dealt with some of the more difficult issues -- the president's honorarium, the Alberta Society of Engineering Technologists' call for separate legislation and the subsequent creation of the Registered Professional Technologists designation, and mandatory professional development," Mr. Miller said.
Ms Evison said 2000-2001 was a year of learning and many challenges. "One of my biggest pushes has been to look forward -- to always look to where we'll be in 10 years," she said.
"Possibly the most satisfying part of it for me has been working with (Executive Director Neil Windsor, P.Eng. ), staff and council as we dealt with difficult issues, working our way through them and finding our way forward," said Ms Evison, an engineer with Klohn Crippen Consultants Ltd. in Calgary.

Ms Evison said the new president will "hit the ground running" because of an overlapping of workload during the end of her term. Also there to ease the transition will be Mr. Windsor, who is "the common thread who spans the different presidents."

Mr. Miller is director of water management for UMA Engineering Ltd. in Lethbridge. Before that he was principal of MPE Engineering Ltd., which he co-founded, district engineer for Bow River Irrigation District and a design engineer with Saskatchewan Agriculture.

In line behind Mr. Miller are First Vice-President Ron Tenove, P.Eng., and Second Vice-President Mike Smyth, P.Eng. The five newly elected councillors are Andrew Gilliland, P.Eng., Paula Harding, P.Eng., Robert Stewart, P.Geoph., PhD, Nick Trovato, P.Eng., and Ian Williamson, P.Eng. Continuing in office are Nima Dorjee, P.Eng., Shawn Morrison, P.Eng., Ken Porteous, P.Eng., Peter Putnam, P.Eng., Bill Roggensack, P.Eng., PhD, Ron Triffo, P.Eng., and Brenda Wright, P.Geol. Public members are Hugh Planche and Judy Williams.

Click here for photos of the 2001-2002 APEGGA President and Council or see Page 13 of this month's PEGG.



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