M.I.T. Seminars Offered
For Soft Skills Training

Are you an M.I.T. new to the workplace? Do you find that your degree has given you a range of technical skills, but you find the need for enhanced communications and other soft skills? APEGGA’s M.I.T. Seminars offer a range of soft skills to help you succeed as a professional.

Five days of M.I.T. Seminars will be presented in Edmonton (May 11-18) and in Calgary (May 17-21). Strong networking skills are critical in developing a personal support system to help you in your career. Debora Rothermel of Ideaworks will present on this important topic.

Why can some teams tackle difficult tasks and solve complex problems while other teams are ineffective and largely dysfunctional? Ms. Rothermel’s workshop on team building will teach you about four kinds of teams, the four stages of team development and the role of the team leader. This practical workshop will focus on the competencies required for more successful and performance-driven work teams.

All of us are involved in negotiations all of the time whether it is a lead engineer on a project or as a parent debating the most appropriate bed-time for our eight-year old. Strategy and skill are common to all forms of negotiating. Learn from Ms. Rothermel the key negotiating skills for success.

Enhance your credibility and increase your rate of business success by learning how to speak comfortably in front of groups. Leona Munro, an instructor in business and communications at SAIT and Mount Royal College for nearly two decades, will provide tips for making more effective presentations.

Leadership skills can make the difference in how quickly you progress in your new position. You can learn to inspire and motivate others at all levels. Decision-making and problem-solving skills are essential to your success in the workplace. Learn these skills and effective time management in a series of seminars given by Yvonne Bridges, master trainer specializing in corporate and employee development.

As an M.I.T., do you have a clear knowledge of the experience requirements for licensure as professional member in Alberta? Clarify details about the documentation requirements and the nature of the Professional Practice Exam from APEGGA Director of Registration Mark Tokarik, P.Eng., LL.B.

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