She Goes the Extra Mile for Outreach
Janet Brown, P.Geol., is a Hydrogeologist and Volunteer Who Works for the Future - of her Planet an the Professions

Mountain-High Goals
For Janet Brown, P.Geol., a big part of being a professional is helping protect the environment.

Public Relations Coordinator

Janet Brown, P.Geol., became an APEGGA member in August 2002 after moving to Alberta from Saskatchewan. She received a bachelor of science degree in geology from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, N.S., and a water resources engineering diploma from the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology in Moose Jaw.

Her work experience has included positions in both the private and public sectors as a hydrogeologist. She supervised the drilling of water supply wells at Beckie Hydrogeologists Ltd. in Saskatchewan, worked at Alberta Environment as a reviewer of applications under the Water Act and was employed with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada – Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration, supervising the abandonment of 50-plus-year-old water wells in Southern Alberta.

She recently relocated from Lethbridge to Calgary where she joined the hydrogeology team at Klohn Crippen Consultants Ltd.

As one of APEGGA’s Outreach volunteers, Janet goes out to Calgary schools to do presentations on rocks and minerals. Elizabeth Muir, Calgary Outreach coordinator, says Janet is always willing to go out of her way to make a presentation, even when it meant driving from Lethbridge to Calgary. She had no problem visiting a class the same week she moved and started a new job.

In addition to her Outreach presentations, Janet volunteers with the Girl Guides’ engineering and science badge program, through the Calgary Science Centre. She also volunteered at the first APEGGA Calgary Science Olympics, held during National Engineering & Geoscience Week in February.

Why do you volunteer with APEGGA?
I volunteer with APEGGA because I believe it is very important to inform potential geoscientists and engineers of all the options available to them.

What value do you get from being an APEGGA volunteer?
I enjoy the opportunity to see the future geoscientists and engineers. As well I get a great personal satisfaction in being an APEGGA volunteer.

What are your other hobbies and interests?
My hobbies include reading books to being out in nature hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing and skating. My main interest in life is to provide an environment for the future that is the same or better than mine today.

Is there a person who has been helpful in your development as a professional?
Yes, my mentor/supervisor Gary Pasloke who helped me obtain my professionalism in Saskatchewan.

What would you consider as a dream project, one that you would like to be involved in?
My dream project would be volunteering in a Third World country, educating the people on how to drill a water well, how to keep the water clean and how to use the water efficiently.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I would like to travel to Europe because of the very interesting and educational history.

When did you decide to become a geologist?
It was a day in Grade 10 biology class where Dr. David Suzuki talked about dinosaurs. I thought his topic was very fascinating and therefore I wanted to pursue this interesting topic. How did I go from wanting to be a paleontologist to a hydrogeologist? It was after I graduated from university I realized I wanted to continue in geology but with more of an environmental aspect. Therefore, I branched out to hydrogeology.

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