Wanted: Mentors and Proteges

Professional Development Manager

Do you have skills and knowledge that you’re prepared to share with less experienced members? Are you interested in giving something back to the professions?

Or are you a less experienced member who wants to take advantage of the skills and knowledge that reside with members with lots of experience?
If either is the case, you will benefit from APEGGA’s new mentoring program.
APEGGA would like to:

1) familiarize you with what it takes to create an effective mentoring relationship, and

2) match members with more experience with those of lesser experience.

All you have to do is go to APEGGA’s new mentoring site at www.apegga.org/mentoring and follow the prompts. The site has a new handbook with lots of tips and worksheets to facilitate the relationship and an electronic matching service that helps ensure the right people are working together.

It takes between 30 and 45 minutes to create a profile. At the initiation of the protégé, and on the basis of demographic filters, skills needs and compatibility factors, the protégé will be matched with several mentors anonymously. From this list, the protégé selects a potential mentor.

If the protégé is acceptable to the mentor, the mentor discloses his or her identity, the relationship begins, and a date and location for the first meeting are arranged. The matching service also has online training and software to help set goals.

We’ve already been in touch with members who have given us their e-mail addresses. The response has been encouraging and actual matching began on April 30. Research done in the fall suggests that we will need upwards of 1,200 mentors to satisfy the total demand.

The good news is that over 2,500 members are prepared to be mentors.
There is no cost for mentors and only a $50 charge for protégés for the first year, $25 for subsequent years.

To start down that rewarding path of being a mentor, a protégé or both, check out APEGGA’s new mentoring site now.

More Information

Visit www.apegga.org/mentoring

Or phone Nancy Toth
(780) 426-3990
Ext. 2811

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