Seminars Created To Better
Prepare Exam Writers

Each year in January, April, July and October, M.I.T.s and internationally educated engineers and geoscientists write the Professional Practice Exam to qualify as full professional members of APEGGA.

Now, APEGGA has come up with a way to help these future full members prepare.
Beginning in June, applicants will be able to take an optional two-day seminar to help them understand the exam’s underlying concepts. Seminars will be limited to 20 participants, with priority given to those who have applied to write the exam.

The exam is based on five areas:

(1) Professionalism, including ethical standards and codes, environmental responsibilities, etc.

(2) Professional Practice, including competence, risk management, etc.

(3) Regulatory Authority Requirements such as OHS and WCB

(4) Law and Legal Concepts, including contracts, intellectual property, etc.

(5) The Acts, including regulations and bylaws, use of stamps, etc.

Participants in the seminar will gain maximum value if they have read the recommended textbooks prior to attending. While the seminar will assist candidates in their preparation by helping with the understanding of the principles, it cannot replace thorough reading of the texts, nor can it guarantee success in the exam.

The seminar will be offered by Bill Page, P.Eng., LLB. The first of these seminars will be given in Calgary on June 14 and 15 and in Edmonton on June 16 and 17. Registration began May 3.

More seminars are planned for the fall and a wait list will be maintained for those who miss the June session.




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