June, 2000

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APEGGA Past President
Darryl Danyluk, P.Eng.
APEGGA representative on AHFSER Board.

APEGGA Has Strong Presence On Board Of Science & Engineering Research Foundation

APEGGA is well represented among the 12-member founding board members of the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Science and Engineering Research (AHFSER).

Alberta Minister of Innovation and Science Lorne Taylor announced the appointments of the individuals who will help establish the organization that will oversee and manage the $500-million endowment fund created by the Alberta government earlier this year.

The board will be chaired by Alvin Libin, of Calgary, who served as the chairman of the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR) until earlier this year.

"Since the model for the science and engineering fund is based on the highly successful medical research fund, I believe Al is the natural choice to help establish the new fund and ensure it is equally successful," said Dr. Taylor.

The AHFSER board includes six individuals nominated by and respectively representing Alberta's three research universities, the Council of Board Chairs of the Public Colleges and Technical Institutes of Alberta, APEGGA, and the Alberta Institute of Agrologists. Six other members of the board, including the chair, are members of the public appointed by the government.

A number of highly qualified individuals expressed an interest in serving on the AHFSER board, said Dr. Taylor. A private recruitment firm was used to help find and select the right mix of business leaders and people with science backgrounds to provide leadership for the organization, as well as for the research community.

The members appointed to the AHFSER Board for three-year terms include: Alvin Libin Calgary, chair; Eric Newell, P.Eng., Fort McMurray, University of Alberta representative; Ted Newall, Calgary University of Calgary representative (Mr. Newall holds honorary APEGGA membership); Jim Horsman, Medicine Hat, University of Lethbridge representative; John Moldon, P.Eng., PhD, Red Cliff, Council of Board Chairs of the Public Colleges and Technical Institutes of Alberta representative; Darryl Danyluk, P.Eng., Calgary, APEGGA representative; Bernie Kotelko, P.Ag., Vegreville, Alberta Institute of Agrologists representative. Mr. Danyluk is immediate Past President of APEGGA.

Members appointed for four-year terms include: Ron Triffo, P, Eng., Edmonton; Scobey Hartley, Calgary; Marvin Moore, Debolt; Elizabeth Cannon, P.Eng., PhD., Calgary. Mr. Triffo, who is chairman of Stantec, recently was elected to APEGGA Council, while Dr. Cannon, a member of the University of Calgary Engineering Faculty, completed a three-year term on APEGGA Council in April. Appointed to the AHFSER Board for a two-year term is Janice Rennie, Edmonton.

The board's initial responsibilities will include establishing the criteria for AHFSER research grants, and hiring a president and staff to manage the new organization. The board will also establish an advisory committee of experts to review grants and make recommendations for investments of research funding.

The legislation establishing the foundation and endowment fund was introduced as the flagship bill of the spring session of the Alberta legislature, and was passed into law at the end of March.

Biographical information on all of the board members can be found at

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