June 2001

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Gas Processing Groups Trace Roots to TransCanada Pipeline

Public Relations Officer

APEGGA has more than 34,000 professional members who work in almost every imaginable segment of Alberta industry. These men and women share the commitment to excellence that APEGGA strives to maintain in the professions, and the pride of being a part of society's vital socio-economic systems.

Beyond that, however, things get a bit more diverse. Enter the technical societies and associations: the links, advocates and disseminators of specialized industry knowledge and activities.

The Canadian Gas Processors Suppliers Association (CGPSA) and the Canadian Gas Processors Association (CGPA) perform just these functions for their hundreds of members and member-companies.

The CGPSA and the CGPA are committed to promoting the "interaction and the exchange or ideas and technology to add value for those involved with or affected by the gas processing industry," both locally and globally. These not-for-profit organizations work in close partnership, and share visions of enhancing the value, understanding and progression of the gas-processing industry.

Goals include the discussion and publication of technical and business-related advances, the development of educational and public advocacy programs, and above all a connective network for social interaction and fellowship.

Both associations are historically rooted in the development of the TransCanada Pipeline and the rise of natural gas exports in the 1950s and 1960s. The growth of the gas industry demanded new, Canadian-oriented expertise and problem-solving in processing and industry supply. In 1959 the CGPA and CGPSA were duly formed, bringing together designers, operators and equipment suppliers to address mutual concerns and issues.
Today, The CGPSA and CGPA perform many of the same functions as they did at inception. The CGPA's focus is primarily on the technical, "working" aspects of gas processing, including innovation, safety standards and regulation. The CPGSA emphasizes the on-going dissemination of information concerning the industry, with eye to constantly adding value to the resources they offer their members and 250 member-companies.

One element of this, explains CGPSA 2001 President Chris Kellerman, P.Eng., P.E., is the social network these organizations provide. "Networking is a big part of what we do for members," says Mr. Kellerman. "We want information to be shared, and for everyone in the industry to be able to understand what issues there are. We are taking a value-added approach, developing resources such as our website, and bringing people out to meet at social functions."

The CGPSA and CGPA hold a variety of yearly events, including the annual CGPSA Golf Classic in September, the CPGA/ Petroleum Joint Venture Association Annual Joint Conference, and the President's Ball in November. Both are committed to maintaining a strong presence at international conferences, such as the annual Gas Processors Association convention in the United States. Details on events are kept posted on the CGPSA website at

CPGA Past President Ray Caufield, P.Eng., says that adding value includes recognizing the diversity of company interests in the gas processing industry, and speaking to that diversity with comprehensive regulations and technical information.

"Gas processing is becoming a big deal," he explains. "One of our goals is to provide a window for all companies, from the multi-focused producer/processor, to more specific gas processing concerns, so that we can serve all of our members better."

The association also conducts four to six technical sessions per year, covering current issues and topics from equipment developments, to regulatory changes, to market strategies. Keeping technical expertise fresh, accessible and available for all members is key for both associations.

In his 2001Report CGPA President Brad Lock, P.Eng., states that the CPGA has "embarked on a aggressive project to collect the vast number of papers that have been presented…" to be categorized and posted on a website data base. Members can review this resource at

Both organizations have co-joined northern chapters as well as the main association contacts in Calgary. Anyone interested in finding out more about specific events, goals or membership guidelines for the CGPA and the CGPSA are encouraged to check out their websites.



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