June 2001

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APEGGA Appoints Manager
Of Corporate and Member Services

APEGGA is pleased to announce the appointment of Ginny Nicholson, CMA, as the manager of corporate and member services. Ginny has an extensive background of experience in the private and non-profit sectors, having led the finance and administration departments of three different organizations. She also served as a human resources manager for some of that time.

Ginny will provide leadership in the Administration Department of APEGGA, assuming responsibility for accounting, IT, human resources, printing, mail and other office services required by all other departments. She has also assumed responsibility for a growing scope of membership services, in addition to those already provided to APEGGA members over the past number of years.

Ginny has a bachelor of arts degree and achieved her Certified Management Accountant designation during her career in the Edmonton area. Working with C-FER Technologies Inc. for a number of years as its chief financial officer has given her the opportunity to become familiar with the work of professional members of APEGGA.

She brings the perspective of a strong team builder and a leadership approach to all the organizations she has managed, along with a customer service philosophy which is expected to significantly contribute to the member services offered by APEGGA.

Al Schuld, P.Eng
Deputy Registrar and
Director, Administration



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