June 2001

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APEGGA Members Have
Relatives Among New Grads

A number of APEGGA members responded to The PEGG's request to forward names of family members who recently graduated form university engineering or geoscience programs. The PEGG salutes the following graduates and their families.

Ralph B. Gorby, P. Eng., had the pleasure of slipping his son Dave Gorby's Iron Ring on his finger. Dave Gorby graduated from UBC in mechanical engineering in the spring of 2000.

Lindsay Howell, son of Darrel Howell, P.Eng., graduates from the mechanical engineering program this year at the U of A, as did his father, in 1968.

Anna Markiw, daughter of Ivan Markiw, P.Eng., graduated this spring in geological engineering from Queen's University.

Keith D. McLeod, P.Eng., announces that his son Matthew S. McLeod will be graduating with a B.Eng. (honours) in mechanical engineering from Montreal's McGill University in June 2001.

Jason Olfert graduated in mechanical engineering from the University of Alberta. He is the son of Irwin Olfert, P.Eng.

Robert Robson, P.Geol., reports that his son Darren Robert Robson graduates with a mechanical engineering degree in 2001.

Fitz Roett, PhD, P.Eng., advises that his daughter Karen Elizabeth Roett graduated from the University of Calgary in oil and gas engineering.

Stephen Waters graduated in chemical engineering from the U of C in 2000. He is the son of Terence Waters, P.Eng., who is also a chemical engineering graduate.

Norm Weimer, P.Eng., is proud to announce the graduation of his daughter, Lisa Weimer, from environmental engineering at the University of Alberta.

Heather Trudy Wilton graduated this spring from mechanical engineering at the University of Alberta. She is the daughter of Stephen Roland Wilton, PhD, P.Eng.

Mike Yakemchuk, P.Eng. announces that his nephew Kirby John Yakemchuk is graduating from the University of Alberta metallurgy. Mike is also a U of A graduate, in civil engineering.

Third Generation Graduates
Donald A. Brown, P.Eng. presented his daughter, Elizabeth Brown, with her Iron Ring in a spring ceremony. Donald's father, Charles Penman Telfer Brown, P,Eng., presented Donald with his Iron Ring at Concorida University in 1975. Elizabeth is a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Waterloo.

Andrew Gregory, son of Marshall Gregory, P.Eng., and grandson of John Gregory, P.Eng., Life Member, graduated from civil engineering at the University of Alberta.

Darcy Riva is a new graduate in chemical engineering from the University of Calgary. Darcy is the son of Don Riva, P.Eng. and the grandson of Walter Riva, P.Eng.



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