Terri-Jane Yuzda

FutureTruck 2003 Road Warriors
Go To Battle in Michigan

University of Alberta students in mechanical and electrical recently unveiled FutureTruck 2003 and announced that they are fired up for a North America-wide competition. The test of their designs was underway early this month in Michigan.

What is the FutureTruck 2003 challenge? To build a Ford SUV designed for lower emissions and 25 per cent higher fuel economy - keeping performance, utility, safety and affordability as design guidelines.

Over the past eight months, U of A engineering students have put together a powerful hybrid electric vehicle that runs on ethanol fuel to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Now it's time to test its performance.

The FutureTruck 2003 team travelled to Ford's Michigan Proving Grounds to compete against 14 U.S. teams. They are the only Canadians in the competition. This year's competition took place from June 2 - 12 in Michigan.

Natural Resources Canada is a sponsor of Future Truck 2003 and of the U of A team. "Encouraging our next generation of automotive engineers to keep the environment in mind as they design tomorrow's vehicles is essential," said the Hon. Herb Dhaliwal, minister of natural resources. "We have ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector, and with our brightest young minds at work, I'm sure we'll succeed."

Dean of Engineering Dr. David Lynch, P.Eng., sent his students off with the following words of encouragement. "The Faculty of Engineering is an international leader in clean energy research. The FutureTruck 2003 competition provides an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate our support of Canada's goal of a environmentally sound future."

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