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Learning Common Area
Carries EnCana's Name

Devon Donation
Back row: John Sieswerda, P.Eng., facilities engineer, Devon Canada Corporation; Rob Will, P.Eng., manager, Peace River Arch exploitation, Devon Canada Corporation; Chris Seasons, P.Eng., VP, Exploitation, Devon Canada Corporation; Mike Perlette, P.Eng., manager, planning and evaluations, Devon Canada Corporation.
Front row: Dr. David Lynch, P.Eng., dean of the University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering; Allison Aherne, exploitation E.I.T., Devon Canada Corporation; Nadine Pettman, corporate communications, Devon Canada Corporation; Caryn Boyko, production E.I.T., Devon Canada Corporation; Gerald Feschuk, P.Eng., senior environmental adviser, Devon Canada Corporation.

New to the University of Alberta will be the EnCana Natural Resources Engineering Learning Common, after a $1 million donation from EnCana Corporation. As part of the growing Faculty of Engineering at the university, the EnCana Common will house two state-of-the-art, high-use computer laboratories, two design laboratories, one classroom and a student workspace.

"Our company is pleased to assist the Faculty of Engineering in providing top quality learning facilities for its students. As a proud Canadian company, we see the EnCana Engineering Learning Common as a place that will inspire students to develop the skills needed to compete head-to-head with the world's best, just as EnCana competes with the world's best," said Gwyn Morgan, P.Eng., president and CEO of EnCana Corporation.

Honorary Degree Granted

The name Gwyn Morgan, P.Eng., has come up in relation to another post-secondary institution. SAIT has awarded an honorary bachelor of applied technology degree to Mr. Morgan for his significant contribution to Canada's energy sector, the Calgary community and the technical education of Canadians.

"Gwyn Morgan is a strong advocate of technical education and the role SAIT plays in enabling his company to grow and prosper," said Irene Lewis, president and CEO of SAIT.

"It is really inspiring for me to look out upon new graduates in important disciplines, successful in their studies, brimming with potential, and ready to take their places in the exciting future of our country," said Mr. Morgan.

Devon Donation

After receiving a $250,000 donation from Devon Canada Corporation, the University of Alberta has been able to create a full multimedia lecture theatre. The Devon Canada Engineering Lecture Theatre is unmatched in Canada, says a university news release. With individual Internet and power connections at each of its 100 seats, the theatre has the capability of linking up to 1,500 students in-house or joining 19 post-secondary institutions in Alberta. It has an interactive, multi-point video-conferencing system by way of a high-speed fibre connection.
The theatre becomes a virtual lecture class for unlimited participants at post-secondary institutions and industry sites. The lecture theatre will "transform the student experience and will extend the contact between the faculty and its partners," says the news release.

"Devon is a strong supporter of education throughout Western Canada, and in particular Alberta. This teaching, learning and research space is directly linked to Devon's core areas of activity in the natural resources industry," said John Richels, Devon Canada's president and CEO.

Devon is an independent energy company engaged in oil and gas exploration, production and property acquisitions.

Canadian President Leads NACE

Jean Pierre Crevolin, P.Eng.,
has been chosen to represent the National Association of Corrosion Engineers International as its new president for the 2003-2004 term. Mr. Crevolin is only the fourth Canadian to become president of the organization since its inception in 1943. A member of NACE for more than 25 years, Mr. Crevolin has served most offices of the Edmonton section and the Canadian region's northern area. He received his bachelor of science degree in metallurgical engineering from the University of Alberta, followed by a professional degree in 1971. Mr. Crevolin received the 1992 NACE Canadian Region Outstanding Service Award.

Chinese Library Rebuilt
With Calgarian's Donation

Dr. Judith Lentin, P.Geol.
, chair of APEGGA's Calgary Branch, has turned a concern for her Chinese colleagues into a gift of knowledge. While on a six-month lecture tour in China, Dr. Lentin was often asked by colleagues at the China University of Geosciences in Beijing to identify fossils they had discovered.

"I kept asking them, Why don't you look at the paper on that?" she recalled. She soon discovered that there was no library at the university due it being destroyed during the Communist nation's purge of intellectuals. After hearing of this catastrophe, she decided to help rebuild their library.

During the process of collecting information on dinoflagellates for the first index to be published on the subject, Dr. Lentin had accumulated a superb library of her own. So her gift to the China University of Geosciences was $350,000 worth of her own scientific materials - all of which have been catalogued and had their titles translated into Mandarin.

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