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APEGGA Fills Two More Key Positions

Penny Colton, P.Geoph.

Exploration Professional Named
Manager of Geoscience Affairs

The first-ever APEGGA Manager of Geoscience Affairs begins her duties this month from the Calgary office. Penny Colton, P.Geoph., brings 20 years of experience as a geophysicist in oil, gas and mineral exploration to a new position created under the Association's recent restructuring.

Ms. Colton, a professional member since 1984, wants to build a sense of Association ownership among geoscience members and permit holders. She'll also strive for full compliance of eligible geoscientists and geoscience technicians working in Alberta.

"This new role is an opportunity to increase both awareness and appreciation of benefits and services, as well as respect and regard for the responsibilities entailed by membership," she said.

Ms. Colton, who began working for her Association on June 16, has spent more than 20 years in project management, geophysical interpretation and consulting. Professional projects have required extended trips to the U.S., the U.K., Venezuela and China. She and her husband, who also works in exploration, have lived in Calgary for more than 25 years.

She was a senior geophysicist of interpretive services for Veritas DGC GeoServices Ltd. for eight years and a senior staff geophysicist with Dome Petroleum/Amoco Canada for 11 years. Ms. Colton also spent several years with CGG Canada as a geophysical analyst and was a geophysical operator early in her career. From 1992 to 1994 and during 2003 she's been a consulting geophysicist for Exploratech Service Ltd., a family company.

Ms. Colton serves on the executive of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists as director of educational services. She's a past CSEG treasurer and advertising manager, and she's also an active member in the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

On the advice of colleagues, Ms. Colton applied for the APEGGA position. "Participation in several recent functions made me think of it as a compliment when several colleagues suggested I'd be perfect for the new role.

"One 'eureka' event was the APEGGA Mixer in Red Deer in February for University of Alberta geoscience students and Calgary geoscience professionals. Discussions with students over pizza led the mentors to highlight the exciting and varied range of geoscience within the profession. The event demonstrated that APEGGA truly is our organization."

Ms. Colton's work with the CSEG provides a solid grounding for the APEGGA job. As director of educational services, she's arranged technical luncheons for up to 600 members and guests. She's also written and presented technical papers at conventions and seminars, and enjoys public speaking.

Executive Director Registrar Neil Windsor, P.Eng., welcomed Ms. Colton to the APEGGA management team. "Penny has developed strong connections with the geoscience community, through her professional experience and through her work with industry organizations. I'm confident that she'll be a good fit for this new management position."

Email: pcolton@apegga.org
CALGARY OFFICE: (403) 262-7714 EXT. 312

New Manager of Communications
Brings Industry, Government Experience

Philip Mulder, APR

A veteran of communications and public relations - in industry and in government - has accepted APEGGA's newly created Manager of Communications position. Philip Mulder, who carries the Canadian Public Relations Society designation of accredited in public relations, has communications experience going back 20 years.

Mr. Mulder starts here July 2, moving from the position of senior communications consultant with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton.

He said his past employment has brought him in contact with engineers and geoscientists. "I have great respect for the professions and the people who work in them," Mr. Mulder said.

APEGGA's public protection role also appeals to Mr. Mulder. "I find it's important to believe in what the organization that employs you does. APEGGA makes vitally important contributions to the overall community," he said.

He's been director of public affairs for Credit Union Central in Edmonton, director of communications for Alberta Transportation and Utilities, as well as for Alberta Municipal Affairs, and acting director of communications for Alberta Public Works, Supply and Services. Further experience includes a senior writer position with Alberta Power Limited and a supervisor of communications position for an Ontario engineering and architectural firm.

APEGGA created the position to look after external communications. Seven staff in Edmonton and Calgary, involved in public relations, the Outreach program and events planning, will work under Mr. Mulder. He'll be putting APEGGA's message before the public, governments, other self-regulating organizations and other audiences.

It's an interesting time to be involved in the organization, said Mr. Mulder. He looks forward to working with APEGGA while it becomes more inclusive, and he sees consensus building as part of his job. "I think building relationships will be very important, both within APEGGA and externally, among the public, the government and similar professional organizations."

Executive Director & Registrar Neil Windsor, P.Eng., said Mr. Mulder's blend of experience is a perfect fit. "He has considerable experience in various aspects of communications and public relations - from crisis management and strategic planning to research and news release writing. This is exactly the type of person this senior position requires."

Mr. Mulder is married with two children, six and 12 years old. He's active in various community and professional organizations, among them Alberta Heart and Stroke, and the Canadian Public Relations Society. He has a bachelor of arts degree in English and history from the University of Toronto, and a diploma in organizational communication from Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology in Scarborough, Ont.

"I look forward to hearing from members and getting to know them, to find out what issues they're interested in and what their concerns are," said Mr. Mulder. He also plans to learn as much about the Association as he can over the coming weeks.

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