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Dino Talk
Host Brad Tucker warms up during an April 10 webcast and broadcast from Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller.

BY Tara Madden
Public Relations Coordinator

What do you get when you cross science with questions? SciQ - a destination that both asks and answers science questions. A headquarters for science. An exciting website and television program that lets kids see and search and solve and inquire. A place where kids can really live science.

In 2002 APEGGA joined a consortium of organizations involved in science education to create a "virtual science centre." The idea was to provide Alberta students, educators and parents with an accessible portal into the world of science. On March 31, 2003, the vision became a reality when SciQ was officially launched.

The SciQ Virtual Science Centre is an online destination for students to ask and answer science questions. Housed in an inviting, student-approved portal at www.SciQ.ca, SciQ includes:

  • Virtual field trips
  • A repository of linked learning objects
  • Digital information about science-related careers
  • An electronic magazine
  • Zones that highlight science-related areas, such as wildlife, engineering and paleontology

On April 10, Up Close and Palaeo aired on Access TV and at SciQ.ca, highlighting the science of technology and related careers with a virtual adventure to the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller. This was the first of a series of planned virtual field trips, produced and aired in conjunction with ACCESS TV, and the first virtual field trip to be broadcast and webcast in Alberta.

A live studio audience of students interacted with Dr. Paul Johnston and Dr. Phil Currie, world-renowned paleontologists with the museum, as well as some of their colleagues, while hundreds more joined the trip via the live ACCESS TV broadcast and webcast on the SciQ website. Dr. Johnston and Dr. Currie answered students' questions about dinosaurs, fossils, bones and paleontology, and shared some of their experiences and knowledge.

"The SciQ project is the first of its kind - a really exciting place for Albertans to live and experience science," says Trevor Doerksen, project manager for SciQ. "What makes it so successful is the fantastic support of the SciQ partners. With this collaboration, SciQ partners bring science to life for young people by making science real, engaging and compelling. SciQ really is a special place for anybody interested in science."

SciQ is funded by Alberta Learning, with in-kind support from the SciQ partners:

  • Alberta Community Development
  • Alberta Learning
  • Canadian Centre for Energy Information
  • Learning and Skills Television of Alberta (ACCESS TV)
  • Reel Girls Media
  • Royal Tyrrell Museum
  • Science Alberta Foundation

Visit www.SciQ.ca for more information about SciQ and the other project partners. As a proud SciQ partner, we invite you to visit…and often!

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