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Since Geology and Geophysics in the Mall was one of our most popular events in the department this year, I’ll expand on it in this month’s article.

This event was headed by the Geology and Geophysics Graduate Society. Organizers were Lisa McCluskey, Sarah Travis, Geol.I.T., Joanne Archer, Geoph.I.T., and Karen Pengelly, Geoph.I.T. There were a variety of booths set up, all of which involved hands-on enjoyment for children as well as parents.

Tables included a rocks and minerals table where kids got the chance to take a look at rocks in thin sections. At the gems table, people could find out whether their diamonds were real.

Mowing the Mall?
What graduate student Karen Pengelly, Geoph.I.T., is actually doing is a ground-penetrating radar survey in Market Mall in Calgary. The demonstration was part of Geology and Geophysics in the Mall.

The meteorite table featured real meteorites, and at the paleontology table, kids could dig for their own fossils and take home their findings.

There were also tables displaying more geophysical-related things, among them a petroleum table where the public could see and smell core samples from the oilsands. The structure and tectonics table allowed children to build their own mountains.

Probably the most popular table was a geophysics table where people created their own seismic waves.

All in all, the event was a huge success. A special thanks to the graduate society team for making this event happen.

In hockey news, the Flames playoff games aren’t the only match-ups creating a stir around here! The two geo hockey teams, Rockstars and Geology Team, played a game against each other shortly before the playoffs.

The score was 5-2 for the veteran Rockstars, who placed first in their division. They had six wins and qualified for the playoffs.

The rookie Geology Team posted three wins but did not make the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Rockstars lost in the first round of the playoffs. They had the best record in their league going in, but they failed to carry that success into the playoffs. Overall, however, it has been a successful season for all involved in hockey. Hopes are high for next year’s hockey season.

Graduation Day was held for the class of 2004 on March 20. The morning started off with the traditional ring ceremony, which was held at the TELUS Convention Centre. In total there were about 70 graduates from both majors.

The grad banquet was held on the same day, in the evening, at the Best Western Village Park Inn. Some of the students put together a slide show of all the events over the last four years. Gag gifts were also given out.

“A rocking good time,” it was said, was had at the after-party at a student’s house.

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