Volume 32 Number 6


Microsoft Dealt Title Blow

Quebec court sides with self-regulating association

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Danyluk Takes CCPE Reins

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Members Encourage Introduction of Electronic PEGG

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Meet the President

An interview with President Linda Van Gastel, P.Eng.

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President's Notebook

Council, Staff Refine APEGGA's Strategies

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Council Changes

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Executive Director's Report

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» Readers' Forum
» Holistic, Baby-Step Approach Meets Climate Change Challenge

» What Does the PD Department Mean to You?

» Blending of Disciplines Has a New Champion in CCIT

» Computers for Schools Reaches Milestone
» SCIberMENTOR Participants Sign Up for Space Travel

» Compliance

» Canada, Hong Kong Improve Mobility

» CCPE Announces Integration Ideas
» Mobility Reaffirmed

» Engineer Recognized for Building U of C's Female Engineering Staff Complement

» Student Wins National Scholarship
» Axia, Bombardier Take Flight in Simulator Deal
» Newsmakers
» The Keyser File
» World Watch
» APEGGA Discipline Committee Decision: Rajendra K. Agrawal, P.Eng.
» APEGGA Discipline Committee Decision: Blair Longdo, P.Eng.
» APEGGA Discipline Committee Decision: Paul D. Salvian, P.Eng.

» U of C Student Column - Geoscience
» An Engineer Among Doctors
» Registration: April 2004[pdf]
» Registration: Reinstatement [pdf]
» Permits [pdf]
» Summary Count
» Employment
» Coming Events
APEGGA Calendar
Other Organizations


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