September, 2000

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Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook
For Engineers Under Development

The Calgary chapter of the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers (SPEE) is in the process of developing a Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook which will provide guidelines for petroleum evaluation engineers. The first draft includes general guidelines for application of oil and gas reserves definitions. Detailed guidelines are still being developed and are expected to be completed during the next few months.

Use of the handbook is expected to lead to greater consistency and improved procedures in evaluating and reporting oil and gas reserves and resources. The guidelines would apply to both internal and independent evaluators. APEGGA produces professional practice guidelines in a number of areas, and last year began discussions with SPEE about how its guideline could serve the needs of the professions through both organizations while also addressing concerns of the Alberta Securities Commission. Further information can be obtained by contacting Mike Brusset, P.Eng., Chairman of the SPEE Standing Committee on Reserves Evaluation in Calgary(403-262-6100/fax 403-265-9807/e-mail, or APEGGA Director of Professional Practice Ray Chopiuk, P. Eng.

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