September, 2000

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Public Review of
National Codes Objectives

As part of the process of converting the National Code Documents to objective-based form, the standing committees of the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC) have devoted most of their efforts over the last three years to conducting a bottom-up analysis of the codes. In this analysis, the specific intent of each code requirement and the overall code objective(s) it is related to have been identified.

The analysis has made possible a clearer articulation of the objectives addressed by each of the National Code Documents. For example, although most of the requirements of the National Building Code (NBC) are related to safety, health and accessibility, some are not - the NBC clearly addresses other issues.

The Commission has reviewed the objectives that emerged from the analysis of each code, and has proposed that objectives concerned with issues other than Safety, Health and Accessibility will be classified in two different categories:

1. Those that could be eliminated prior to the publications of the next edition of the codes in 2003, and

2. Those that would remain in the next edition of the codes but would then need to be examined in greater depth to determine whether they should continue to be addressed by the codes.

During the planned public review periods (see box for timetable), the Commission will ask code users whether or not they agree with these proposals.

If you would like to participate in the review process, please send us your name and address. We will provide details when they are available. (Once firm dates have been established, they will be widely publicized in the trade press).

By mail: Public Review of Objectives
Canadian Codes Centre
National Research Council
1500 Montreal Road

By e-mail:

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