Occupational Health and Safety:
Are You Complying with the Code?

Employers and workers must now comply with the province’s new Occupational Health and Safety Code.

Would you like more information on what this means to you?

• Call the Workplace Health and Safety Contact Centre toll free at 1-866-415-8690
• Send a fax to 780-427-0999
• Submit your questions online at www3.gov.ab.ca/hre/whs/expert/index.asp
• Download a safety bulletin with code highlights at www3.gov.ab.ca/hre/whs/publications/pdf/LI024.pdf
• Check out the online learning program at www3.gov.ab.ca/hre/whs/learning/index.asp

Occupational Health and Safety officers will help employers and workers to comply with the code as part of their normal duties. Most of the requirements of the new code are not totally new and many of the new requirements only apply to specific industries. Call or click to find your industry's requirements.

Order copies of the code from the Queen’s Printer online at www.qp.gov.ab.ca/catalogue/, by dialing 310-0000 and then 780-427-4952, or via fax at 780-452-0668.

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