It’s Back from the Bush Time for Geo Students

University of Calgary
Student Contributor


It’s that time again. Classes have just started and already the work is piling up. Yes, the feeling of doom mixed with excitement is here, as the Department of Geology and Geophysics begins another year of classes.

The new executives of both the Rundle Group, for geology students, and the Geophysics Undergrad Student Society are trying to get the year-opener events underway, while balancing already hectic schedules.

A lot of students have returned from various field schools. This year I was part of the only geophysics field school we have, and it was held at three locations.
We spent one week at the Castle Mountain Ski Resort in Southern Alberta doing some seismic work along the Lewis Thrust Fault. We also did some work at the ski lodge trying to locate the nearby water table.

The Bush People
Field school students conduct seismic work on the Lewis Thrust Fault, over the summer.

We spent a couple days up in Kananaskis doing some electromagnetic work. And we did some archaeological geophysics at Fish Creek Park, using ground-penetrating radar.

Students learned a lot from all three sections and especially liked being away for a week at Castle Mountain.

This was the first year in a long time that the geophysics field school was held in a camp-like setting. Previous years featured day trips, mainly to Kananaskis.

Adjustment Time
Students were welcomed back from all field schools to a “back from the bush” attitude adjustment party, held Sept. 15. This was our first social event of the school year, and students and staff look forward to many more to come!

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