Working Alone and the Law

On Feb. 17, 2000, Tara McDonald was murdered while working the nightshift alone at a Calgary restaurant. In the wake of this tragedy, two new Alberta measures are addressing workplace safety in Alberta.

First, a committee led by a prominent Alberta businessman, Jon Burkinshaw, studied the best workplace practices used in North America that protect the safety of people who work alone. The committee included representatives of the labour movement, large and small employers, and the convenience/fast food industry.

Second, the Hon. Clint Dunford, Human Resources and Employment Minister, announced a proposed regulatory change that addresses situations where employees are required to work alone.

Following are some links for more information
on these important measures.

Working Alone Safely –
A Guideline for Employers and Employees

The Working Alone Amendment –
An Explanation of the General Safety Amendment Regulation

Occupational Health and Safety Regulation –
Questions and Answers

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