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What's in the April PEGG
 Please check the April PEGG on the specified pages for more information on the items listed or link to the stories where indicated.


Legislature Acknowledges APEGGA's 30,000th Member / 1

APEGGA has passed a milestone with the registration of its 30,000th member, Susan Kwan, P.Eng. The occasion was marked by statements in the Alberta Legislature.

Annual Report Summary / 1

Prompted by a sharp rise in the cost of mailing, as in the past two years, APEGGA will not undertake a general mailing of the Annual Report to all members. Copies will be mailed to members of committee and branch executives. Readers will find a summary of key elements of APEGGA's 1997-98 Annual Report in the centre section of the April PEGG. In addition, a Web version will also be posted on this site.

Science Olympics Feature of National Engineering Week / 1

Students from elementary through high school participated in APEGGA-sponsored Science Olympics held as part of National Engineering Week in Edmonton.

President's Notebook / 3

President Dennis Lindberg, P.Eng., discusses the process by which APEGGA's legislation is changed.

Sable Gas / 3

Letters / 4

NSERC Has Story to Tell / 4

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council lends extensive support to science and engineering research, but too often its efforts go unnoticed says NSERC President Tom Brzustowski.

Robert Blair Honored By E.I.C. /5

The Engineering Institute of Canada presented Robert Blair, P.Eng., formerly of Nova Corp., with the Julian C. Smith Medal as National Engineering Week began in Ottawa.

Ice War of '98 /5

Members of the Edmonton-based 1 Combat Engineer Regiment received short notice to come to the aid of victims of the recent Quebec and Ontario ice storms.

Top 40 List /5

Two Members of APEGGA Make FP's Top 40 List

Light Flight / 6

Engineering and a love of flying have come together for Dave Marsden, P.Eng. PhD, in the manufacture of the ARV Griffin, a single-engine ultralight recreational plane.

Across Canada / 6

News briefs on activities and initiatives by other provincial engineering and geoscience associations.

Fomenting New Ideas On Fermenting / 7

Wayne Brown, P.Eng., and Peter Stapleton, P.Eng., have developed a device making it easier for micro-breweries to keep tabs on fermentation.

World Watch / 7
High-Tech Trike

Mercedes-Benz is going around the bend with a new motorized tricycle design. Check also other items drawn from the international engineering and geoscience press.

PEGG Writing Contest / 8

The PEGG is pleased to publish the runner-up entry in its Writing Contest, a submission titled "The Gems Around Us" by Alma Eamer, P.Geol.

Y2K & Liability / 8

The millennium bug raises questions related to professional liability of engineers and architects.

Arthur Fuller Does Sound Research / 9

He has yet to receive his PhD, but Arthur Fuller's research on digital equalizers already is making sound waves beyond the University of Alberta.

U of C News / 9

On the Job At Imperial / 9

Imperial Oil employees recently had Calgary junior high school students spend time with them on the job.

Olympic Results / 10

Check out the list of winners at the Edmonton Science Olympics, held as part of National Engineering Week.

Foreign Ideas Abound At Export Club / 11

The Calgary Export Club provides a means for exporters and would-be-exporters to make useful contacts and pick up useful tips.

St. Mary's Dam Gets Upgrade / 12

The St. Mary's Dam, an important element of water management in southern Alberta, is undergoing a major renovation.

Kids Count With David Pickersgill / 13

Children have special place in the life of David Pickersgill, P.Eng., the recipient of APEGGA's 1997 Community Service Award.

In the News / 14

Promotions, presentations and new postings involving APEGGA members and Permit-holding firms.

GKO on the Go / 15

From a standing start in 1991, GKO Engineering of Edmonton now has a staff of 200 and is taking on projects valued up to $700 million.

Have Your Say / 17

Take a peek at this month's cartoon.

Careers / 19

Registration / 20

Hat Had Tractor Pull / 21

Medicine Hat's early aspirations included becoming a hub for building tractors, and some were produced.

APEGGA Calendar / 22

PEGG These Dates / 23

Maja Veljkovic Seeks Right Chemistry / 24

Under the leadership of Maja Veljkovic, P.Eng., the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering is heading in new directions.

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