business plan

In June 2000 it was agreed by the Branch Chairs that branches should prepare a business plan. Just as APEGGA must prepare a business plan, so too should a branch prepare a brief statement of what the branch plans to accomplish over the next 18 months. It will be the foundation for the branch budget. The preparation of this plan should be one of the first activities of a new executive and should be completed by June 30.

Refer to Appendix A for the form that was prepared by Ft. McMurray and agreed to by the Branch Chairs. The form also allows space for reporting progress. It contains:

Executive Summary

An executive summary should provide a general statement about the economic activity in the branch. Is it rising, falling or staying the same? What is happening to the size of the membership in your branch? What is happening to the branch activity level in the branch? Is it rising, falling or staying the same? What are the challenges to be faced in running the branch - money, volunteers, ideas, programs, change? What are the challenges being faced by your members? How is the branch going to address these challenges?

Administrative Issues

A statement should be made about what administrative issues are to be tackled, how, when and by who. It could involve volunteer recruitment, additional financial support (sponsorships), computer support, APEGGA office support, governance (effective meetings, decision making), training (how to run a meeting and get things done) etc.


Activities should align with the Terms of Reference. It should identify, for all eight activity areas, the goals and activities that are to be undertaken, how, when and by who.

1. Promote science & technology
2. Improve image with the public

1. Mentoring
2. Networking Opportunities
3. PD Opportunities
4. Communications conduit
5. Improve image with members
6. Increase member involvement


Budget Spreadsheet

Blank budget spreadsheet

Branch Manual

Dated: April 2001

Branch Time Table

Dated: April 2001


Terms of Reference

The board goals and specific actions that are undertaken by the Branches in carrying out their responsibilities are described in the "Terms of Reference".


The rules governing the administration of a Branch and the role of the Branch Executive are described in the Branch Bylaws.