I Major Objective

Whereas the branches generally represent the Association in their geographic areas, they advance APEGGA's mission by assisting Council and Staff to carry out their responsibilities primarily in the areas of Communications, Public Affairs and Professional Development.

II Specific Goals

Branches, by themselves or in conjunction with other APEGGA groups, focus on two audiences - the public and members. The activities to support these goals will vary by Branch.


1. Promote science and technology in local schools, as part of APEGGA's Outreach Program under the direction of APEGGA's Outreach Coordinators.
2. Enhance and promote the image of the professions in their communities, as part of APEGGA's strategic initiative under the direction of APEGGA's Communication & Public Affairs Department.


1. Provide information and mentoring to MITs, as part of APEGGA's Mentoring Program under the direction of the Professional Development Department.

2. Provide opportunities to network with members and the public in order to assist career development, to problem solve and to understand the other professions in the Association.

3. Provide local professional development and other programming needs tailored to the branch members' needs, as part of APEGGA's Professional Development Program under the direction of the Professional Development Department.

4. Provide a conduit or network through which information can flow between the membership and Council and vice versa, under the direction of the Executive Director or designate.

5. Enhance APEGGA's image and value to members and those who should and could be members, as part of APEGGA's strategic initiative to enhance the value and relevance of professional membership under the direction of various departments.

6. Increase member involvement in issues, committees and activities.

III Principal Activities

Corresponding to the above number items, the activities can be summarized as follows:


1. Conducting classroom instruction and experiments, sponsoring and judging science fairs and math competitions, sponsoring events during National Engineering Week.
2. Exhibiting at trade fairs, supporting charitable and other community based events.


1. Recruit, train, connect, record and reward mentors and provide feedback on the Mentoring program.
2. Organize lunch and dinner meetings, PD Days and Evenings, golf tournaments, curling bonspiels, First Year College Transfer events and other social events.
3. Lunches, dinners, PD Days and Evenings.
4. One on one discussions, issue forums

IV Structure

Refer to Section 1.5 and 1.6 of the Branch Bylaws for the constitution and role of the Executive and the duties of the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Members at Large.



Budget Spreadsheet

Blank budget spreadsheet

Branch Manual

Dated: April 2001

Branch Time Table

Dated: April 2001


Terms of Reference

The board goals and specific actions that are undertaken by the Branches in carrying out their responsibilities are described in the "Terms of Reference".


The rules governing the administration of a Branch and the role of the Branch Executive are described in the Branch Bylaws.