June 2001 Salary Survey - FOREWORD

APEGGA believes individual members are responsible for establishing with their employer the level of remuneration to be received in return for professional services provided. Using the information in the Value of Professional Services plus any other information accessible to you, you can judge if you are adequately paid given your industry sector and the economic activity within that sector, working conditions, responsibility, performance, utilization and situation.

Members work in a wide variety of organizations and carry out tasks which vary just as greatly. It is therefore impossible for the Association to judge whether any given member should get or be given a salary increase. However, to stay at par in terms of purchasing power, you could expect an increase equal to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase in your geographic area. If you are eligible for a performance increase and/or responsibility increase, these could be in addition to the CPI.

Program effectiveness is dependent on the integrity of the data in this booklet and your ability to incorporate it with other information obtained to provide your full compensation picture. It is recognized that not all employment sectors will be readily identified within the sample job descriptions and corresponding rates. However, using these as guidelines should enable you to arrive at a reasonable relationship between your situation and industry equivalents.

With the sustained support of members and employers, the Association believes this program will continue to be a positive influence in helping to maintain a reasonable balance between professional quality services, working conditions and remuneration.

The Value of Professional Services June 2001 has introduced a significant new category "Advanced Technologies", which will further enhance the value of the Salary Survey.