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APEGGA's new website should be live soon. Communications and Internal Affairs, in consultation with members and staff, have been working on the redesign for at least a year. The result is a site that's easier to use and more attractive.
Some members will need to update their browsers to see the new site properly on their screens, so for the time being, we'll be keeping the old site available as well.

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√ Students and practicing members recently participated in the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer at two iron ring ceremonies. In Calgary on Nov. 20, 63 students and practicing members received iron rings. In Edmonton on Dec. 11, the total was 129 students and practicing members. Spring ceremonies will take place in Edmonton on March 12 and in Calgary on March 19.
Although APEGGA offers administrative support for the ceremonies, iron ring camps are separate and independent from the Association.

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√ In addition to supporting all APEGGA departments, the Calgary APEGGA office provides administrative support to six technical societies. Currently these are the Alberta Chapter, American Concrete Institute; the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, Calgary Section; Canadian Society for Engineering Management, Calgary Branch; Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists; Canadian Well Logging Society; and the Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society, Calgary Section.

The common tasks we do for these societies include taking address changes, ticket sales and reservations for luncheons and events, answering and directing phone queries, mailing application forms to potential members, opening and distributing mail to society executives, assisting with mail-outs, faxes, phone and e-mail blitzes as required, and maintaining updated executive rosters.

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√ Every year APEGGA donates funding to a variety of organizations to assist in promoting the professions, as well as math and science. APEGGA sponsors trade shows, career fairs, university projects, camps, contests and other activities across Alberta. In 2004 APEGGA sponsored over 20 activities and events. APEGGA also hosted booths at various events to promote the Association and its members. This is in line with what you, our members, want. Surveys of the membership regularly show you consider promotions of this kind to be an APEGGA priority.


√ The APEGGA Administration Department handles many behind-the-scenes activities to support the Association and members. You may not be aware that most of APEGGA's printing and publication production is done internally by the Administration department in the Edmonton office. Doing printing internally saves the Association and its members significant money each year.

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√ Did you know that the APEGGA Honours and Awards Committee is tasked with enhancing professional pride and the stature of the professions by recognizing the accomplishments of members of the Association, non-members and projects which had input or direction from members? The committee comprises 10 APEGGA members — six professional engineers, one professional geologist, one professional geophysicist and two engineers-in-training.

This group of volunteers selects recipients for Education Foundation scholarships and awards, specifically the university entrance, graduate and education recipients. It also selects recipients of the APEGGA Summit Awards, recommends nominees for the CCPE Canadian Engineers' Awards, and recommends nominees for awards given by other organizations, wherever suitable.

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√ The accomplishments of APEGGA members who have attained life membership status within the last year are formally acknowledged annually. On Oct. 26 at the Mayfair Golf and Country Club in Edmonton, 46 people attended to see 18 life members recognized. A similar event was held in Calgary on Nov. 3 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, where 68 attendees saw 34 life members recognized.

The new life members and their guests are invited to share their observations on the distinguished careers of those being honoured. This results in many touching and often humorous anecdotes.

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√ The issuing of permits to practicing companies is an important element of APEGGA's obligation to regulate the professions. And so is making sure members know what they're duties and responsibilities are in the permit to practice system.

APEGGA has just wrapped up a successful year of Permit to Practice Seminars for exactly that purpose. In 2004, 24 seminars were held in the Edmonton APEGGA offices, 36 in the Calgary offices and seven in venues convienent for other branches. In addition, seminars were given at member companies with a large member base.

This year APEGGA will introduce a CD-ROM Permit to Practice Seminar that can be mailed out to companies that choose to run their own seminars.

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