March 2008 Issue

2008 balloting

Your Electronic
Voting FAQ List


1. I am an APEGGA member. Am I
eligible to vote?

At this time, not all classes and categories of members may vote in Council elections. If you are an Honorary Life Member, a Life Member, a Professional Member (P.Eng., P.Geol., P.Geoph.) or a Registered Professional Technologist, you may vote.

If you are a Foreign Licensee, a Provisional Licensee, a Member-In-Training, a Student Member, an Exam Candidate, an ASAP Student, or an Honorary Member, you are not entitled to vote.

2. I already have an APEGGA access code that I use for the APEGGA Member Self-Service Centre. Can I use it to vote?
No. You have been assigned a special one-time-use password for voting purposes only. You will receive it via regular post.

3. I am eligible and I want to vote, but I have not received a password from APEGGA. Please contact APEGGA at 1-800-661-7020 (toll free in North America) or 780-426-3990 (Edmonton), or
e-mail us at aschuld@apegga.org, identifying yourself, and we will arrange to get your password to you by mail. We do not send passwords by e-mail.

4. I had a voter notice and password, but I have lost or misplaced it.
Contact us and upon confirmation of your identification, a replacement letter will be mailed to you with the password to vote.

5. I want to vote but not through the website.
Please contact us by telephone, mail or e-mail, and let us know you wish to receive election materials in paper form. To all who request it, we will provide the necessary election materials to view — the candidate biographies, the issues to be voted on by resolution — and a ballot, together with the return envelope, to enable you to vote the way you have in past years.

6. I have voted, but now I have changed my mind.
As in any election, once your ballot is cast, your vote is final and will be
counted as given.

7. I have tried unsuccessfully to log on to vote on the website, and now I cannot get back into the site.
After the fourth unsuccessful log in attempt, you will be locked out for 24 hours.

8. Will anyone at APEGGA know how I voted?
No. We have set up a remote website with a third-party service provider so that this cannot occur. We will know whether or not you voted, but not how you voted.

9. When will I be able to vote?
The poll and voting website opened on Friday, Feb. 29, 2008, and will close at 12 noon on Sunday, March 30, 2008.

If you have any other questions about the Council election voting site, please contact APEGGA by telephone, e-mail or letter to make us aware of your concerns and to assist you in casting your ballot.

Phone 1-800-661-7020 (toll free in North America) or 780-426-3990 (Edmonton), or e-mail aschuld@apegga.org.