Continuing Professional Development Program Guideline

APEGGA ‘s mandatory Continuing Professional Development program was introduced in 1997 as part of the Regulations under the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act. The program applies to all professional members and licensees, including registered professional technologists (RPTs). It does not apply to students, exam candidates or members-in-training. Details and requirements of the program can be found in the Continuing Professional Development Program document. If you have further questions, please consult the Q&As or contact the CPD Coordinator at cladouceur@apegga.org.

On an annual basis, professional members, licensees and RPTs are required to submit a CPD Annual Report or Non Practicing Declaration as part of membership renewal.


Description and Instructions


Annual Report

Form for practicing members to submit professional development hours (PDHs) for their membership year.

Annual Non Practicing Declaration

Provision for non-practicing members to be exempted from the CPD program for theup-coming year.

Annual Request for Special Consideration

Request to have CPD requirements reduced for members not practicing full-time and not able to meet full requirements of the CPD Program, to be renewed annually.

Activity Record

Detailed Annual Activity Record (blank forms and examples), which may be requested during an audit.

Application to Resume Practice

Non-practicing members who wish to resume practicing status - complete and submit the Application to Resume Practice

Application for Reinstatement

Members who resigned or were struck for non-payment of dues and who wish to be reinstated - complete and submit the Application for Reinstatement. If your membership lapse has been greater than seven years, please contact Registration.

Written Undertaking to comply with CPD Program

Members unable to provide CPD records of activity may submit a written undertaking. Members cancelled due to non-compliance with the CPD program must submit an Application for Reinstatement along with 1) Detailed Activity Records for past three years or 2) a Written Undertaking.

Additional Resources

Description and Instructions


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Description of Continuing Professional Development program requirements.


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General Regulations

Legislation containing the mandatory Continuing Professional Development Program for professional members and licensees.