Science is a collection of facts

This is perhaps the simplest way to define science—"the facts". But what are "facts"? And is that all there is to science?

Devilled Egg Fossils

The Hybrid Electric Car

Lava Rocks

Engineers Design Running Shoes

Spiral Tunnels

Sun Screen

Cloning Fingerprints

Rocket Man

Mini Electric Shock

First Day of Spring

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Satellite

Computer Flu Bug

Crazy 'Copter


"In his early days on earth, man knew a limited number of scientific facts, increasing the number with painful slowness as the centuries went by. Within the past few hundred years, particularly during the twentieth century, they have been acquired at a prodigious rate. A rolling snowball must finally come to rest, but there is no indication that scientific knowledge will ever cease to grow."

(The New World of Chemistry A 1955 high school chemistry text by Bernard Jaffe.)








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