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The APEGGA Outreach Program is a public awareness program to promote interest in science, technology and math, and increase the awareness of the professions of Engineering, Geology and Geophysics. APEGGA has established guidelines for the Outreach Program which has a long and successful history in Calgary and Edmonton. All branches are encouraged to implement a similar program utilizing and sharing existing materials available from head office. APEGGA Outreach staff in Calgary and Edmonton will provide information, ideas and assistance to Branch Outreach Coordinators. It is important that there be consultation between Branch Outreach Coordinators and APEGGA Outreach staff to ensure consistency in the delivery of the Outreach Program. Responsibilities of Branch Outreach Coordinators may include the following:

  • Establish contact and maintain liaison with the appropriate APEGGA Outreach staff person listed below. Staff will provide information about the Outreach Program, a resource manual, details about available resources and assistance as needed.
  • Determine components of the Outreach Program to implement in the branch with input from any of the following: branch executive, branch membership, APEGGA Outreach staff.
  • Provide volunteer training workshop with assistance from APEGGA Outreach staff.
  • Develop program advertising for branch if needed and in consultation with APEGGA Outreach staff.
  • Recruit volunteers for each Branch Outreach activity.
  • House and distribute program materials as provided by APEGGA.
  • Steer development of classroom presentation materials if needed and in consultation with APEGGA Outreach staff.
  • Coordinate other related science events such as:
    - Alberta Science and Technology Week
    - National Engineering Week
    - APEGGA Teacher Awards

APEGGA Outreach Staff:

Calgary and South

(Calgary, Central Alberta, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat)
Lethbridge, Medicine Hat)

Carmen Killick
Public Relations Coordinator
APEGGA 1500 Scotia One
734 7 Ave SW
Calgary AB T2P 3P8
Phone: (403) 269-2787
E-mail: ckillick@apegga.org

Edmonton and North

(Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lakeland, Peace River, Vermilion River, Yellowhead)

Jeanne Keaschuk
Outreach Coordinator
1500 Scotia One
10060 Jasper Ave NW
Edmonton AB T5J 4A2
Phone: (780) 426-3990
Toll Free: 1-800-661-7020
Fax: (780) 425-1722
Email: jkeaschuk@apegga.org

website: www.apegga.org/science