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Business Plan


Appendix A
- Business Plan
- Activities
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
- Expense Claim Form
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Appendix E
- Income-Expense Statement
- Financial Position




























Following completion of the business plan, a budget for the next calendar year must be submitted to head office by August 15.


The purpose of the budget is threefold:

1. to estimate revenue and expenses for all local events and activities to be finance from the branch bank account
2. to estimate the amount and timing of advances from APEGGA
3. to estimate the costs to be paid for by head office but allocated to the branch.

Financial Objectives

The financial objectives are twofold:

The short term objectives are to maintain a level of funds in the branch account that is optimal for that particular branch. APEGGA advances are available to maintain this optimal level, however, branches should budget for no more than 2 advances per year.
The long term goal is to make all branches more self-sufficient at least with regard to the events that they finance themselves. This includes expenses paid from the branch bank account as well as the expenses paid by head office for promotion and gifts, but not including travel to Council.


The form for the budget appears in Appendix B. It is comprised of two sections.

The first page is dedicated to estimating the revenue and expenses to be financed by the branch through the branch bank account and to estimate the timing and amount of advances from APEGGA. The second page provides information that enables head office to budget costs for:

1. Travel and accommodation for Branch Chair to attend Council meetings
2. Promotional materials supplied by head office for branch events
3. Awards, prizes and gifts supplied by head office but presented in the branch
4. Director's attendance at branch meetings (Calgary only)

which are allocated to the branches, but not paid for through the branch bank account.

The branch advances and the costs allocated to the branches are entered into an APEGGA budget spreadsheet for each branch.

Preparing the Budget

Only the "greyed out" fields in the budget spreadsheet need to be filled in. The items listed in the spreadsheets in Appendix B are described in the paragraph that follows.

Section I - Revenue and Expenses Paid by the Branch from the Branch Bank Account

Bank Balance - Start month

The only number that needs to be entered is the estimated bank balance on January 1 of the budget year. The balance should include all branch funds in current accounts, savings accounts and term deposits.