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1.5.1 The Executive of the Branch shall consist of the following:

Chair Treasurer
Vice-Chair Secretary
Past-Chair Members-at-Large

The Executive or the Nominating Committee shall be free to decide the number of Members-at-Large to be on the Executive of the Branch.

All members except the Past-Chair shall be elected from and by the membership at the Annual General Meeting of the Branch. One person may hold the position of the Secretary and Treasurer if decided by the voting members at the Branch Annual General Meeting.

The term of the office for a member of the executive shall be until the next Annual General Meeting of the Branch, which must be held within 18 months of the previous Annual General Meeting of the Branch.

1.5.2 A Nominating Committee shall be appointed at the Branch Annual General Meeting to serve for the ensuing year. The committee shall consist of not less than two members of the Branch, one of whom shall be the Past Chair, who shall be the Chair. The Executive shall fill any vacancies which may occur in this Nominating Committee. The Secretary shall contact each of the newly elected members of the nominating committee in writing, immediately following the holding of the Branch Annual General Meeting, to notify them of their appointment.

1.5.3 The Nominating Committee will submit a list of nominees for the Executive to the Secretary at least 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Branch. The consent of the nominees to act if elected, will be secured prior to the list of nominees being submitted to the Secretary. Not less than 15 days prior to the annual meeting, the Secretary shall cause to be distributed to each member either directly by mail or by the Association's publication known as "The PEGG", a list of the Branch nominations made by the nominating committee.

1.5.3 Nominees for the Chair should have served at least one year on the Executive.

1.5.4 The Nominating Committee will give due consideration to the composition of the Executive and in particular to the geographic distribution and field of practice of the nominees.

1.5.5 At the Annual General Meeting of the Branch, any member of the Branch may nominate a member in good standing, who is present at the meeting, for any position on the Executive (subject to 1.5.3). If duly seconded, and the candidate agrees, the candidate's name shall be added to the list prepared by the nominating committee.

1.5.6 The Secretary shall report the results of the Branch elections to the Association within a week of the Annual General Meeting of the Branch.

1.5.7 Any vacancies occurring on the Executive may be filled, for the remainder of the term, either by the remaining members on the Executive or by selecting another member of the Branch.

1.5.8 A member of the Executive can leave his/her position by: submitting a letter of resignation to the Chair or the Secretary ceasing to be a member of the Branch ceasing to be a member of APEGGA