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1.8.1 There shall be at least four general meetings of the Branch each year. The Annual General Meeting of the Branch shall be held at least 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

1.8.2 Notices of the Branch general meetings shall be distributed by mail, email or the PEGG at least fifteen days prior to the Meeting.

1.8.3 A quorum at a Branch meeting shall be 10 members.

1.8.4 The proceedings of any meeting of the Branch shall generally be governed by Robert's Rules of Order. All votes must be made in person and not by proxy or otherwise. Only Professional members are entitled to vote on resolutions and other matters that are to be presented to Council. All members are eligible to vote on all other matters affecting the operation and activities of the Branch.

1.8.5 Members may invite guests to attend Branch meetings, and other activities upon payment of the applicable fee. The Chair of the meeting shall inform the guests that they may not vote on any business matters of the Branch.