If you are going to be practicing engineering, geology or geophysics in Alberta, you will need a licence to do so. It is illegal to practice these professions or to call yourself an engineer, geologist or geophysicist if you are not licensed with The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA).

Under the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions (EGGP) Act, an Alberta government statute, APEGGA ensures only properly qualified engineers, geologists and geophysicists are allowed to practice, and that they do so according to professional standards and a Code of Ethics. By licensing companies providing these services in Alberta, APEGGA also ensures similar high standards of corporate practice. The Association has the power and an obligation to withdraw the right to practice from members found guilty of unskilled practice or unethical conduct.

What criteria do I have to meet?

To become licensed as a Professional Member or Foreign Licensee you must have the following requirements:

  • Citizenship: Canadian citizenship or Landed Immigrant status is required to apply as a Professional Member. If you do not hold either status, apply for licensure as a Foreign Licensee.

  • Post-secondary education: An undergraduate degree from a recognized accredited engineering, geology or geophysics program or equivalent is required. You must have your institution provide APEGGA with a Certificate of Graduation and official transcripts.

  • Experience: To become licensed as a Professional Member or Foreign Licensee, you will require four years on-the-job work experience under the supervision of a licensed professional, including at least one year of equivalent Canadian experience requirement.

  • Character: You must be of good character and reputation. Good character connotes moral and ethical strength and includes integrity, candor, honesty and trustworthiness. Character is what a person is, while reputation is what others believe that person to be. All APEGGA members are held accountable to the Code of Ethics that governs the way an individual practices their profession.

  • Knowledge of Law and Ethics: You must demonstrate knowledge of law, professionalism, and ethics. This may be accomplished by passing the National Professional Practice Examination.

  • English Language Competency: You must be competent in the English language and must be able to effectively communicate at a professional level.

How do I apply for my license?

To apply for your license you must submit a completed Application for Registration form together with the required accompanying documents and application fee to APEGGA. Please refer to the Engineers - General Registration link for more details.

The Benefits of Membership

Licensure in APEGGA denotes that you have acquired the knowledge, skills, work experience and depth of moral character necessary to be granted professional status. It is a privilege not to be taken lightly. Your professional designation is an exclusive title that allows you to practice engineering, geology or geophysics in Alberta.

APEGGA's strength is in its membership. In adhering to this philosophy, services are designed to enhance professional and personal development. Meetings, workshops, achievement awards, and other programs are provided for this purpose. The Association newspaper, The PEGG, and other publications, inform members on matters concerning the professions. Members may also participate in sponsored group auto and homeowner insurance, life and liability insurance, registered retirement savings plans, extended health care, travel medical insurance, small business insurance and auto purchase/lease plans. A resume referral service and annual salary survey are also available to members.